8 Latin Indie Artists to Watch

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Today’s online music landscape can be the perfect platform for budding independent artists looking to make an impact. Gone are the days of regional barriers, and when it comes to finding undiscovered talent, there are countless algorithms or playlists to source from. This is especially true in the Spanish-language market, where revenue growth has seen consistent expansion for consecutive years.

It’s a long way from the early 2010s, during the belated rise of long and lone-standing Latin-focused indie labels such as Nacional Records and Cosmica Records, both of which were established out of necessity to cater to artists whose niche combinations in style and language didn’t quite yet fit into major label spaces.

Before música Mexicana saw a major bump in popularity this year, several artists were launched by indies. Such is the case for Latin chart-toppers Eslabon Armado and Fuerza Regida, who are signed to Del Records and Rancho Humilde, respectively. Some of the featured artists on this list are also entirely self-managed and funded yet still claim millions of streams, helping move the needle globally with cross-genre collaborations and inspiring new sounds.

Below, Variety highlights eight independent Latin artists making moves during Hispanic Heritage Month in 2023.

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