Alaska Reid – ‘She Wonders’ — When The Horn Blows


Alaska Reid releases fresh, bare-faced new singleWondering’.

Indie pop singer-songwriter Alaska Reid is back with another song following her March single. back to this this is also the lead single from her upcoming sophomore album. disenchantment, Coming on July 14th.

Reid hails from Montana and started singing when he was six years old. At the age of fourteen he started performing his own music on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles and has played in venues such as celebrities. The Viper Room.

He founded the group Alyeskaand their debut album crush The group broke up and Reid continued his solo career, releasing his first single. earthquake in 2019. First solo album big rabbit It arrived in December 2020 and was also met with great success. If these two new singles are anything to go by, disenchanter will definitely follow in his footsteps.

Opening with a strong, solid rhythm, the section with a deep and layered bass, a ringing, distorted guitar sounds, amplifies the song and pushes it forward. “Walking through dust devils in the warm butter light/Swimming pool, resort inn, no more Southwest” It opens the song with snapshots of being on the road. Talking about the writing process and the thinking behind the song, Reid commented, “The personalities of touring artists are like interlocking dolls. People reveal different elements of themselves to fans, touring band, the rest of the band, etc. I grew up playing a ton of dive bars, It’s just me and the guitar.I wanted the song to reflect how psychologically exhausting it is, to act as an internal monologue to the chorus, cornered by how lonely and cold live indie music can feel.

The track is definitely full of boredom hints about touring life and how tiring it can be. “Are you pretending? because you don’t have to IReid sings during the chorus, probably to himself, in his ethereal and distinctive voice.

We reach the outro, where the song slows down and opens slightly. “Being cool means nothing when it’s just me” she sings more like she’s making a statement.

Alaska Reid is one of the most exciting artists in the indie scene today, with a clear voice and a unique voice. disenchanter promises to be a compelling, refreshing record. Coming on July 14th.

by words Lucy Skeett

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