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Black Honey are daring and brave on their shocking new album Handful of peaches.

british indie rock band black honey are back with their third studio album handful of peachesand it may be the best yet.

Formed in Brighton in 2014, they released their first EP that same year and spent a few years touring, playing festivals and supporting bands like Catfish and the bottlers.

The band’s self-titled debut album arrived in 2018 and they continued to play festivals across Europe.

Their second album Write & Directed was released in March 2021 and they embarked on a UK tour that same year.

charlie bronson the first single from handful it was released in August 2022 and it is a very strong and bold song, as the title suggests. Opening with heavy, distorted guitar, the band let us know exactly what was in store for us from the start. the chorus is sonically explosive and the verses are slightly sinister lyrically; “Big smile like Harley Quinn/With Ritalin fine cut diamond” lead singer Izzy B Phillips delivers.

another single, heavy, it goes on, and it has the same impact. “Serotonin let us down/I don’t want to see the white horse drown/Endless therapy because my head is the enemy.” Phillips sings during the pre-chorus, referencing a famous scene from the fantasy movie. The endless story. The song is electric and incredibly exciting sonically, with solid rhythm guitar and fantastic vocals.

against it it’s a real standout on the album and a very clear choice for a single. It’s an incredibly comforting track, and even though it’s loud, it almost feels like a warm hug. Speaking about the meaning behind it, Izzy said: “This song is an open love letter to my younger self. And to all the discriminated and marginalized young people out there”. The song is certainly a hymn to any element themselves. “Give yourself a break, kid/You faced that, don’t you know? The odds weren’t in your favor, it’s just bad behavior.” Philipps tells us reassuringly during the chorus, as the guitars and drums urge her on.

individual Out of my mind and ARROW They’re also exceptional songs, both sounding massive and spacious, the former a track about wanting to escape your head, the latter seems to be a love letter addressed to whoever it’s written to, in a similar vain to Wolf Alice. How can I make it alright? with an exciting guitar break, like the line “I just want you to be okay” is repeated.

handful of peaches it’s a record that doesn’t shy away from talking about mental health, insecurities, fears and everything else that comes with living in the world we make. (Songs like Lowest point and Cut the rope show this) However, as mentioned above, it is also very comforting and listening to it makes you feel that everything will be alright ultimately. Izzy Phillips herself said: “Most of this record is about me trying to figure out where the line is between normal mental health and when you have breakdowns every day that then become part of normality. I thought everyone cried every day, I thought everyone had traumatic memories and nightmares. This album is like, ‘what? Didn’t you have to do that? It’s like opening a new door to a future I didn’t think was possible, but it also comes from realizing that I had to suffer so much that I shouldn’t have had to.”

track 8, I’m a man, it is dark and undaunted, matching the lyrics and tone. A song about misogyny, Izzy’s voice is bright and bold; “I do what I want because remorse is not my thing.” She teases during the chorus, which is followed by a guitar break that is crazy and exciting.

Another highlight is weird bugs, a lively and energetic track that is laced with humor and comfort. “This is a song for the weirdos, the antiheroesPhillips yells.

handful of peaches see Black Honey in the best way we’ve heard them. Every track has something going for it, and there are no fillers here, everything feels necessary and produced at a very high level. The quartet is going from strength to strength, as this album demonstrates, arriving with force.

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