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COVET captures what it means to fall in love with being human and experiments with the use of music to transport us to our happiest moments.

On April 7th, the San Francisco trio Yvette Young (guitars, vocals), Brandon Dove (bass) and Jessica Burdeaux (drums), known as COVET, will release their album ‘catharsis’.

“We took a lot of risks on this album,” says Yvette. “I try to follow what excites me without paying attention to anyone’s expectations. I lean towards melodies, tones and textures and try to use them to transport listeners”. The idea that different art forms can transport us to different places has perhaps been around since the birth of those art forms and experimenting with the ways that music can transport listeners can be seen across decades and centuries of music. . – but it’s refreshing to see new ways of doing it being born.

‘Coronal’ opens the album, and the track feels hazy and dreamy with vocals echoing over a fuzzy melody. Sounds like it wouldn’t be out of place on a coming-of-age movie soundtrack. “In a micro and macro sense, music, video games and technology are vessels for escapism,” reflects Yvette, and it’s hard to argue with that: people use music to forget about the real world and its problems for a moment, in order to just breathe and relax.

“Firebird” was the first single from the album and Yvette explained that “it’s all about embracing joy”, and this is something that translates so easily and beautifully with the upbeat melody throughout the length of the song.

COVET closes their new release with the song ‘lovespell’ and Yvette revealed that “‘lovespell’ is the feeling I get when I write.” Expanding on that, she explained, “It’s the closest feeling to falling in love. Since this is a good vibe tune, we thought it would be fun to have a saxophone too. We didn’t want to leave anyone on a negative note. I hope by the end of this song your heart feels like it’s exploding with love.” ‘Lovespell’ feels like the moment you fell in love with your favorite passion or activity, it feels like being a kid again and playing in the ocean, and most importantly, it feels like being human and falling in love with what makes you. a person.

It’s exciting to see what COVET will put out next and see what new worlds they create through their music. However, if one thing is for sure, what comes next for them will be just as impressive as ‘catharsis’ and will surely move their listeners once more.

words for Bethany Ellis

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