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Following the success of ‘Nothing Is True And Anything Is Possible’ in 2020, Enter Shikari takes it up a notch with the brilliant ‘A Kiss For The Whole World’.

Being coined ‘rock royalty’ by Rolling Stone, enter Shikari certainly welcomed his new title with the album’s opening. The title track of Enter Shikari’s latest masterpiece begins majestically, with its perfect blend of prestigious brass instruments, mixed with the Shikari we all know and love, with its huge drums and big guitar sounds. The opening track ‘A Kiss for the Whole World x’ is the perfect opening to the band’s latest release.

It’s no surprise that the group sold out their next leg of concerts, particularly after fans got their hands on the singles that preceded the record’s release. One of the most notable among these is ‘It Hurts’. From its deeply resonant lyrics to its undeniably heavy instrumentation, it’s one that will be massive on live dates. The drum and bass breakdown on the track demonstrates Shikari’s sheer brilliance, as there are few teams today that can mix his style the way they do. ‘It Hurts’ is sure to make the crowd jump and get completely lost in the moment.

Following the success of their 2020 record, the band have stated that they were left with the feeling that they had ‘ceased to exist’ and that their movements as a group were greatly limited for a couple of years. This seems almost inconceivable, as it almost feels like the group has taken over since their return on the Download Festival Pilot. They’ve accomplished something truly remarkable in getting over their pre-festival feelings, and the new record is a true reflection of just how brilliant Enter Shikari are.

The record flows seamlessly and there are tracks that brilliantly bridge the gap between tracks. The end of the brilliant ‘Leap into the Lightning’ meets the short ‘feed your soul’ which is almost exclusively drum and bass. It’s the perfect bridge as listeners will become rooted to the record as it shows no sign of letting up. There is no time to direct your attention elsewhere. This rack flows into ‘Dead Wood’, which harkens back to the traditional instrumentation of the opening track. It builds up to a hugely climactic section where the band delivers a truly remarkable performance, blending electronic vocal sound with classic rock instruments. Innovation that only a few acts today dream of attempting, let alone achieving. There seems to be some real importance to the lyrics closing this one out. Vocalist Rou Reynolds says, “I wish I could feel the way you feel.”

Having given fans just a handful of the album’s tracks beforehand, Enter Shikari is truly set to wow so many with his new record. There is a wide variety of styles within the record and fans will be mesmerized. One that is sure to wow is ‘goldfish’, found on the back of the album. The bass that runs through the number is undeniable and is set to be one of those that you can actually feel in your body when played live. Once again, it proves to be a brilliantly innovative vocal performance brimming with great electronic sounds as well as heavy, classical guitars.

The final tracks on the record are two of the most interesting titles from the latest release, with “Giant Pacific Octopus (I Don’t Know You Anymore)” and “Giant Pacific Octopus Spinning Into Infinity.” The first of these is so lyrically relatable to many with its repeated question of ‘Does anyone really have any idea who they really are?’ It has to be said that Shikari is one of the most transparent acts today, as they are very direct with the fans and acknowledge that everyone feels a certain way.

The final track on the record follows the previous one and is a clever electronic breakdown that builds up to a point of soft sounds, almost a point of clarity. It seems that the record has brought us as listeners to a point where we have reached a degree of peace.

‘A kiss for the whole world’ is simply unmissable. It’s an innovative and carefully crafted masterpiece that the band can be so proud of. Fans old and new are sure to go crazy for this one.

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