All of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Surprise Songs So Far


since the first night Taylor Swift‘S term tour – when the pop star announced that she would be performing two surprise acoustic songs on each show – fans were holding their breath to find out which gems would be revealed next from her discography.

fast started the tour in Glendale, Arizona. With “Mirrorball” from “Folklore” and “Tim McGraw” from his 2006 self-titled debut album. Since then, “State of Grace” has surprised audiences with songs like “Our Song”, “Cowboy Like Me” and special guest Marcus Mumford with songs like “Sad Beautiful Tragic” and “The Lucky One”.

With 10 studio albums, Swift said she had enough songs to describe the 52-day journey without repeating any of them; Swift has already hinted that this might be the case with her dedication to Gracie Abrams, which opened April 1 in Arlington, Texas. In a TikTok stream of the show, Swift commented that the song “could play better at a higher pitch, so it’s technically a mess.”

Below you can find all the surprise songs that Swift performed on Eras Tour, updated live.

  • March 17 in Glendale, Arizona. —“Mirrorball” and “Tim McGraw”
  • March 18 in Glendale, Arizona. — “State of Grace” and “This Is Me Trying”
  • March 24, Las Vegas, Nev. — “Our Song” and “Snow on the Beach”
  • March 25, Las Vegas, Nev. — “Cowboy Like Me” starring Marcus Mumford and “White Horse”
  • March 31, Arlington, Texas — “Sad Beautiful Tragic” and “Ours”
  • April 1, Arlington, Texas — “Death by a Thousand Cuts” and “Clean”
  • April 2, Arlington, Texas — “Jump Then Fall” and “The Lucky One”
  • April 13, Tampa, Fla. — “Speak Now” and “Traitor”
  • April 14, Tampa, Fla. — “The Great War” and “You’re alone, Kid” with Aaron Dessner
  • April 15, Tampa, Fla. — “Mad Woman” with Aaron Dessner and “Mean”
  • April 21, Houston, Texas — “Wonderland” and “You’re Not Sorry”
  • April 22, Houston, Texas — “Somewhere in This World” and “Today Was a Fairytale”
  • April 23, Houston, Texas — “Begin Again” and “Cold as You”
  • April 28, Atlanta, Ga. — “The Other Side of the Door” and “Coney Island”
  • April 29, Atlanta, Ga. — “High Infidelity” and “Magnificent”
  • on April 30 in Atlanta, Ga. – “I Bet You Thinking About Me” and “How To Get The Girl”
  • May 5, Nashville, Tenn. — “Sparks Are Flying” and “Tears on My Guitar”
  • May 6, Nashville, Tenn. – “Out of the Forest” and “Fifteen”
  • May 7, Nashville, Tenn. “I Could, Could, Should Have” with Aaron Dessner and “Mine”
  • May 12, Philadelphia, Penn. — “Gold Rush” and “Come Back… Be Here”

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