Anita Baker Criticizes Babyface Fans for Cut Opening Slot Sadness


Anita Baker stands up for himself in an online discussion baby faceThe staccato opening set during the May show of the “Singing Tour”. Baker went so far as to ask Babyface to tame his fan base, claiming that his supporters bullied and threatened him online.

For some (much-needed) context, this is all due to Babyface joining Baker as a surprise guest on Baker’s 15-city tour starting earlier this February. He was scheduled to open his New Jersey concert on May 10, but when he didn’t appear at the Prudential Center, he shook social media. In a tweet, he explained that due to the show’s late start due to technical issues, the set was thrown away so that lead actor Baker could perform.

“I truly apologize to my fans who expected us to perform at @PruCenter tonight. I was asked not to perform to give Ms. Baker the space and time to give her full show,” Babyface wrote. twitter that night. “My band and I are extremely sorry that we couldn’t perform for all of you tonight.”

According to a long string of tweets by Baker, she’s been dealing with hate from her fanbase ever since and posted a tweet on June 9 about Babyface’s silence on the matter.

“When a friend is attacked by your Friends?…Because of misinformation/fake news And When You Have The Opportunity To Say/Correct Something? … It’s the Right Thing to Do,” he wrote, concluding with “Reputation, Peace and Security Matters.”

On Monday, Baker tweeted to Babyface (which means putting an “@” in front of a name) and followers, which he calls “Kenny’s Crazies.” suggestion that she “canceled” her sons. Responding to several fans, Baker attempted to explain that he had a supporting role in Babyface’s tour.

“Yes, Babyface is Special Guest/Support Act On My Tour. This Misrepresentation of a Lead Actor creates Unrealistic Expectations and Aggression from her fans towards me,” she wrote. “She should tell you the Truth.”

Many viewers assumed that Babyface was the lead character on the tour, and thought that her absence was the result of a decision made by the Detroit diva. Others who bought tickets to the show have voiced their grievances at Ticketmaster and Baker, but the tour, which runs until December, is his alone.

This assumption is no exaggeration, as Babyface (real name Kenneth Brian Edmonds) has a critically acclaimed catalog of his own solo hits. He has also written and produced chart-toppings for Usher, Whitney Houston, Toni Braxton, Bobby Brown, TLC, Beyoncé, Ariana Grande and more.

Variation reached out to Babyface’s representatives for comment.

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