Anita Baker’s Tour Dropped From Babyface Lineup After Online Debacle


Anita Baker After taking a flight, she flies alone for the remainder of the “Songstress Tour”. twitter shoot about the abuse allegedly suffered by baby face fans.

“After Silently Enduring Cyberbullying/Verbal Abuse and Threats of Violence From Our Special Guest/Support Act’s Fan Audience. For Our Personal Safety. I will continue on ‘The Songstress Tour’ alone. Reimbursement will be made. Blessings,” Baker said on Tuesday, no longer He wrote next to a new tour poster that didn’t feature Babyface.

in a statement shared with Variation Babyface’s rep described the situation as follows: “I am saddened by the news that Anita Baker has decided to remove me from ‘The Songstress Tour’. It’s unfortunate and discouraging to see how things work out via social media. As I look forward to the rest of the dates, I have nothing but love and respect for Anita and wish her the best for the rest of her tour.”

The singer-songwriter and acclaimed producer was previously announced as a surprise guest on Baker’s 15-city tour, which kicked off in Florida earlier this February and will be held at Oakland Arena on December 23. After Babyface’s opening set was unexpectedly cut from the May 10 show at the Prudential Center in New Jersey due to reported technical issues, Baker claims the brutal abuse is at its end.

Babyface wrote at the time, “I’m really sorry to my fans who were waiting for us to perform at the Prudential Center tonight.” “I have been asked not to perform in order to give Mrs. Baker the space and time to perform her show in its entirety. My band and I are extremely sorry that we couldn’t perform for all of you tonight.”

On June 12, Baker tweeted a more meaningful tweet to Babyface and his followers, which he referred to as “Kenny’s Crazies”, with a suggestion to “cancel” their boys. Responding to several fans, Baker tried to explain that it was only a supporting act on Babyface’s tour.

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