Anitta Parted Ways With Long-Term Manager Brandon Silverstein


anitta no longer doing business with his former manager Brandon Silverstein, Variation can confirm. The founder/CEO of S10 Entertainment helped develop the multilingual singer’s debut career in the United States.

“Working with Brandon over the past few years has been a wonderful journey,” Anitta said in a statement. “He will always be someone special to me.” Silverstein declined requests for comment.

Details on Anitta’s new management were not confirmed at the time of this article’s publication, but the change came with the full Brazilian star’s tag change: Variation He broke the news that Anitta had signed A new deal with Universal’s Republic Records at the end of April, just weeks after that highly publicized divided from Warner Music. She also recently left Imagine It Media, a US-based Latino PR agency for which she was represented by Romina Andrea Magorno for over five years.

Silverstein’s client list includes Normani, and after Brandon founded Silverstein Publishing (formerly S10 Publishing), he teamed up with Ryan Tedder, Avex and Simon Fuller for additional film, music and television opportunities. The streaming venture has over 10 billion streams and Silverstein has featured numerous #1 songs, including Harv’s “Peaches” for Justin Bieber, Jasper Harris’ “First Class” for Jack Harlow, and “I Like You” for Doja Cat. has been part of it. Post Malone, among others.

Anitta cut ties with Warner after spending 11 years with the company and the company’s Warner Records making great efforts to kickstart the singer’s career in the US with her latest multi-genre album, “Versions of Me,” released just over a year ago.

“After eleven years of successful partnership, we have decided to part ways,” the record label and artist said in a statement. “Anitta would like to thank the Warner Music team for all their support. And the Warner team wishes Anitta the best in the future.”

Shortly before she left Warner, Anitta called out about his displeasure with the company’s performance and lack of attention. He took to social media, often claiming that the hashtag left him no choice, posting various notes about his miscommunications.

While Anitta wasn’t clear on the shortcomings in question, she hinted that she felt pressured to include featured artists to boost her chances on a hit song.

Despite an impressive performance at last year’s Coachella festival, an international hit with “Envolver” garnering more than 500 million streams on Spotify, and also collaborating on the album with hit producers like Max Martin, Ryan Tedder and Stargate – not Saweetie, Missy Elliott, Khalid and Maluma Speaking of features – the album didn’t become a big hit in the US.

Anitta is in a league of its own in her native Brazil, carrying a social media following between Instagram and Twitter with 84 million followers. She is rumored to be releasing a new project called “A Brazilian album in English and Spanish,” which pays homage to the early beginnings of Brazilian music. The sequel to “Versions of Me” will be coming through Republic Records as the label debut.

“I think Brazilian funk has opened up its room right now and I want to show more about where it was born and my culture, my community, my place, so I’m happy to have it in the hands of Republic,” Anitta said. Variation. He recently made fun of new music on social media, announcing the title of his next single, “Funk Rave,” and saying it will be out soon.

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