Bebe Rexha Runs Off Stage After Being Hit On The Head With The Phone


singer baby rexha He was hurried off the stage after being hit by a phone at a concert in New York on Sunday night.

Disturbing footage captured by Alex Chavez from the concert shows a phone coming out of the crowd and hitting Rexha’s face, followed by her kneeling on the stage floor. Crew members are seen coming out to help him.

Rexha’s performance was at Rooftop at Pier 17 in New York as part of her “Best F’n Night of My Life” tour.

Another video shot by Ross Bernaud shows Rexha being taken off the stage.

“This Bebe Rexha is rushing out of the New York concert venue after someone threw her phone and slapped her in the face as she was leaving the stage. We were all having a great time and so was Bebe, we were all having so much fun, so who does that??? We hope you are well,” Bernaud tweeted.

Variation reached out to Rexha’s team for comment.

Rexha was nominated for the new artist category at the Grammy Awards in 2018. Her new album “Bebe” was released earlier this year.

“It’s about feeling empowered even when feeling uncertain about change, growth, self-reflection,” Rexha says. i told you Variation about the album. “I have always been open in my words – and towards life in general – when it comes to talking about my experiences… this album tells a story about expression and about changing my mind.”

“I’m Good (Blue)”, one of the biggest hits of Rexha’s career A collaboration with David Guetta, Released in 2022.

There are five more concerts in Philadelphia, Washington DC, Atlanta, Orlando and Houston as part of Rexha’s ongoing tour. It is not yet clear how the New York incident will affect the rest of the tour.

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