Beyonce Honors Tina Turner at The Paris Show


Beyoncé took a break from her Renaissance tour stop in Paris on Friday to honor her. Tina Turneran artist he routinely cites as his greatest influence, the singer’s death earlier this week.

“I just want to take a second to honor Tina Turner,” Beyoncé said. He told the crowd at the Stade de France. “If you’re a fan of mine, you’re a fan of Tina Turner too. I wouldn’t be on this stage without Tina Turner, so I want you to scream so she can feel your love too. I feel so blessed to be allowed to witness its brilliance.

Beyoncé was heavily inspired by Turner’s art and originality. As Beyoncé said 2005 tribute She told Turner at the Kennedy Center Awards, “Occasionally, when I think of inspiration, I think of the two Tinas in my life—that’s my mom, Tina, and of course, the gorgeous Tina Turner.”

Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s first child, Blue Ivy, also stood next to her mother on stage in Paris in a metallic jumpsuit to match the cast of dancers. The 11-year-old made a few moves during Beyoncé’s performance of “My Power,” and the crowd responded with enthusiasm.

Mavi had previously performed with her mother for the performance of “”.madly in loveOn her show in Dubai earlier this year, she nailed the choreography once again… and who can forget the first time Blue joined her mom on stage to reveal her pregnancy at the 2011 MTV MTV Video Music Awards.

The Paris show also hosted a world-class cast of concert-goers including Selena Gomez, Lenny Kravitz, Megan Thee Stallion and Pharrell Williams. Beyoncé’s next shows will take place in London, England, from May 29 to June 4.

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