Beyonce Remembers Tina Turner With ‘River Deep Mountain High’


Beyonce does nothing halfway and never does it until she’s ready. Therefore, it is no big surprise that he pays musical tribute to his idol. Tina Turner, days after the icon’s death last Wednesday – and with a simplified version of the song, not only is it the most musically complex hit single in Turner’s catalogue, it’s also one of the most complex hit singles of all time: “River Deep – Mountain High”, a 1966 hit written by Ellie Greenwich and Jeff Barry with producer Phil Spector.

Beyonce performed the song at the first show of her five-night relationship at London’s Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on Monday.

“I want you guys to help me sing one of my favorite songs,” Beyonce told the crowd. “We love you Tina.”

While the original version, attributed to Ike & Tina Turner, was a dizzying piece filled with dozens of musicians and tempo changes, Beyonce made the song more like a ballad with piano, occasional drums and keyboards playing (possibly) orchestral pieces. . .

The fact that he covered the song in London suited him well: while Spector was one of the most successful hit producers in history, his behavior throughout the 1960s (he was convicted of murdering a woman in 2003) and the American music and radio industries began to turn against him. He considered “River Deep” his masterpiece, but the song did not become a hit in the US, both due to its complexity and industry rejection. It did, however, make it into the top five in Europe and reached number 3 in the UK. The song has since attained historic status and was ranked #33 on Rolling Stone magazine’s list of the best songs of all time in 2004.

Beyonce paid homage to Turner, who died at the age of 83 after a long illness, with a post she made on her website last week.

“My dear queen. I love you endlessly,” he wrote. “I am so grateful for your inspiration and all the ways you paved the way. You are strength and endurance. You are the essence of power and passion. We are all so lucky to witness your kindness and your beautiful spirit that will last forever. Thank you for everything you do.”

The duo performed together at the Grammy Awards in 2008 and stepped up in a version of Turner’s 1971 hit cover of the Creedence Clearwater Revival classic, “Proud Mary.” Three years ago, Beyonce paid tribute to Turner for performing the song solo at the 2005 Kennedy Center Honors.

Room He spoke about Turner at a concert in Paris last week. “I just want to take a second to honor Tina Turner,” he told the crowd. “If you’re a fan of mine, you’re a fan of Tina Turner too. I wouldn’t be on this stage without Tina Turner, so I want you to scream so she can feel your love too. I feel so blessed to be allowed to witness its brilliance.

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