Big Freedia Announces Its Debut Album With Single ‘Bigfoot’ After Nine Years


New Orleans splash artist Great Freedia announced a new album—his first feature work since 2014’s “Just Be Free”—“Central City” will be released on June 23. The set includes features from Lil Wayne, Faith Evans, Kelly Price, Sonyae and more.

Previous singles “Central City Freestyle” and “$100 Bill” featuring Ciara were on the 16-track track list, while the album’s third single, a fast-rising club track “Bigfoot”, was released today.

“Bigfoot”‘s jarring bass guides her presentation, while Freedia’s inimitable vocals say, “Call me Bigfoot stepping on these bitches’ necks.” “I have big feet but I get bigger checks / They don’t see what’s next.”

Big Freedia describes the single as “a powerful anthem of empowerment and motivation” in a statement.

Talking about the new album and its place in the evolution of splash music, Big Freedia said: “Bounce has gone through many iterations, from Triggerman to Sissy to Cash Money Bounce, but it’s something I call my new album. Bigga Leap. Welcome to Central City, where I pay homage to my city, my roots, hip-hop and the art of creating a new sound.”

“Central City” Song List:

1.Central City Freestyle

2. Big Time ft. kamaiyah

3. Throw Back

4. Motivate ya ft. Kelly Price

5. Blast That

6. Bigfoot

7. Child ft. Lil Wayne and Boyfriend

8. 100 Dollar Bill ft. Ciara

9. Pepto Break

10. Booty Like a Drummer

11. You Already Know ft. sonyae

12. Bitch You Want ft. Faith Evans

13. Life Lessons

14. NOLA Dolls

15. Genie on My System

16. Voodoo Magic ft. Spirit Rebels

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