Blackpink’s Jennie Kim Becomes a K-Pop Idol with Dua Lipa on ‘The Idol’


jenny who extremely popular girl group black pink He talked about his acting debut in HBO’s series “.Idoland the pressures of being a K-Pop idol.

Kim was born in Korea, but moved to Auckland, New Zealand at the age of 10, where he studied for five years before returning to Korea and joining YG’s talent academy. The four-member group was formed in 2016 and has continued to enjoy global success. They were the first music group and Korean female actress with each of their five music videos to have one billion views on YouTube, making them the most followed girl group on Spotify.

In “The Idol,” created by Sam Levinson, Kim performs under the stage name Jennie Ruby Jane and plays the backup singer and dancer of Lily-Rose Depp’s self-debut pop star.

Talking about her with Dua Lipa BBC Voices “Dua Lipa: At Your Service” podcast On Friday, Kim said: “Acting was definitely one of the things I wanted to explore, but when I do something, when I really decide to do it, I know I have to do it right. And above all, I wanted the new acting part of my life to be authentic, rather than just trying to seize the opportunities that came my way – I was really patient with my first acting job. Which means I got to meet and talk to Sam in person while I was spending some time in Los Angeles last year. He talked to me about the role and everything he wanted to be envisioned for me – it really touched my heart.

It all happened so fast and Kim was offered the job via text message by Levinson. “It was very haphazard without guessing the actual work. So it felt really authentic and real. It impressed me, it gave me the courage to believe this was the right thing to do,” said Kim.

Becoming a Blackpink member required about six years of Kim’s education. “I actually never really messed up how I did it. But the people who know the importance of preserving their identity and character within the education system are those in the group right now – a lot of people got lost on the way because we were so focused on satisfying people that we were. but we weren’t sure who we were doing this for and how it would define us in the future. It’s literally years of training, not just a few hours. So you’re really drawn to the lifestyle they put us into,” said Kim.

Dua Lipa asked Kim about the Blackpink song “Tally” in which the group first used the F word.

“Starting my career as a K-pop artist in Korea restricted many aspects of me that weren’t allowed to be shown because I was a K-pop idol. And I guess I was also afraid to express myself. And as things grew, I was able to express myself over time and people would see it as being able to cross boundaries and turn over a new leaf for people just starting out, rather than ‘doing something they’re not allowed to do’. job in Korea. That’s when I realized that I wanted to break more boundaries so that people in my culture would understand that expressing themselves however they wanted shouldn’t be the standard here. Who shouldn’t be a reason to judge and just see ‘oh, that’s how that person expresses himself’.

“I think the song ‘Tally’ was one of the first songs where we actually sang the F word. And when I first started singing the song, I couldn’t even sing it out loud. ‘Can I move away from the microphone?’ People think that’s how it is, right? Then more fans loved the song and I was connecting with Blinks. [Blackpink fans]Who added. “When they were on stage singing that song, they were like, ‘yeah, do your job. And it was they who gave me the confidence and support to really enjoy the song.”

Earlier this year, Blackpink lit up Coachella With a set that includes “Tally”. For Kim it was an emotional experience. “I was under so much pressure that I think it was the first time I cried. I burst into tears as soon as I got off the stage. It was very emotional. I was very proud. And the hard work we put in and the overwhelming emotion we get from the crowd. It was too much,” said Kim.

Commenting on some of her performances that received criticism from her fans, Kim said: “At some point in my life, when it seems like I’m not doing my best, I feel like I let my fans down. But I didn’t have time to say that. But I want to say that I don’t know how to control my body. And use my body like I should.

The singer says that she is not at her best while dancing in heels, as it makes her feel uncomfortable and her stamina decreases. “I wanted to share with my fans that I am still at a point where I am learning about myself. “If anything, I’ll be the one to like me from now on,” Kim said.

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