Bose CEO Lila Snyder on Empowering Female Music Producers: Podcast


CEO of Lila Synder Bose Corporation, the consumer audio company that will soon celebrate its 60th anniversary. Founded by Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor Amar Bose, the school has always been close to Boston and its many student talents. Snyder was one of these graduates who earned masters and doctoral degrees. After graduating from the University of Miami with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, he graduated from MIT with a degree in mechanical engineering.

It came to Bose at the height of 2020, just as the Covid-19 pandemic has bogged down the world and its supply chains. But Snyder is an expert problem solver, and like any engineering problem, he approached his new job methodically, overseeing all aspects of the company’s consumer electronics, automotive and related businesses. He leads a global staff of 6,000 with a guiding principle: “sound is not an accessory. Everything we do; it’s the most important and at the center.”

Bose’s rise to number one in audio, especially when it comes to cars, saw a turning point in the 1980s when the company teamed up with Cadillac to offer a premium car audio system. Snyder’s own origin story also has a connection to the ’80s – it was then that he first discovered a love of music and carried it up to the CEO position.

As in other tech industries, where female engineers are far fewer than their male counterparts, Snyder hopes to improve the statistic for music producers through an initiative called “Turn the Dial,” which aims to address why less than 3% of hits are. The song producers are female or nonbinary. They partnered with the nonprofit That Music They work with artists like HER and Pink Pantherress and behind-the-scenes stars like Wondagirl and Blondish to tell their stories.

And then there’s the part about silence or noise canceling. Bose is working hard to come up with the perfect software algorithm to evaluate the sounds around you and cancel out what you don’t want to hear. As Snyder describes it: “It almost sets the tone for your life – which things you want to turn on and which things you want to turn down.” This “pressure of constant innovation” has become Bose’s calling card, and Lila Snyder leads the chorus.

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