Celeste wins BBC Music’s Sound of 2020

by info.vocallyrics@gmail.com

Indescribable and indefinable, Leicester’s Easy Life leaps, skips and skips effortlessly across a variety of head-spinning genres, their sound fusing everything including hip-hop, psychedelic electronica, jazz, indiepop, ambient house and much, much more. The band say they formed “on a whim” in a pub two years ago, and their first single pockets it picked up a lot of buzz almost immediately. “Pockets is four and a half minutes long and not very commercial, but ironically it was that song that got a moderate commercial seal of approval,” says frontman Murray Matravers. “That was a big problem for us, because we were just five guys from Leicester rehearsing on an industrial estate.” His music is wrapped in personal experiences, but with a distinctly rainy British perspective. “The most important thing is the idea that life can get a little complicated, but everything is going to be okay,” Matravers tells the BBC. “It’s quite a British perspective to grit your teeth and smile, but I can’t help it, that’s my general perspective.”

THIRD PLACE: yungblud

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