Charli XCX: ‘I pop sober sex’


In addition to being one of today’s most exciting and deeply queer pop stars, Charli XCX is the songwriter behind two of the biggest international hits of the past decade: Iggy Azaela’s Fancy and Icona Pop’s I Don’t Care. He appears on both songs, which had sold a combined nine million copies as of 2015, the same year Charli turned 23. In I Don’t Care, she screams the chorus: “I don’t care! I love it!” This song was Charli’s first big international hit and it’s also her statement of principle of hers. In truth, she doesn’t care and, I can’t stress this enough, she loves it.

Just this summer, for example, a freak storm prevented him from landing in Chicago for a scheduled performance at the Pitchfork Festival. Each plane was diverted to St. Louis, Missouri, a nearly 300-mile, five-hour drive. Surely a less committed artist would have cancelled. Not Charlie.

“We had to wake up very early,” the self-described workaholic told BBC Music. “We had to rent a car and drive to Chicago, and we were driving through a storm the whole time. Then we stopped at KFC and got a bunch of buckets of chicken, and then we felt so disgusting and embarrassing…it was a wild ride.” That trip culminated in a fantastic, frenetic performance that made it impossible to know that he had spent most of his waking hours crammed into a car and eating fast food.

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