Christmas Gallagher Show in Saratoga Springs Evacuated Due to Bomb Threat


Bomb threat stopped Noel GallagherHigh Flying Birds concert on July 8 at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center (SPAC) in New York. Fans were ordered to vacate the venue immediately after the first two opening acts, Metric and Garbage, completed their sets that night.

Before Gallagher took the stage, concert-goers were ordered by the venue to leave the building in response to the threat. “We will need to vacate the place at this time. We request you to proceed calmly towards the nearest exit.” “Please follow the instructions of staff and police officers. For everyone’s safety, please don’t rush or push. Thanks for your cooperation.” No injuries were reported.

New York State Park Police aforementioned The move was made “out of a lot of caution”, confirming that the event was “suspended at 9:40 p.m. and those attending the concert were evacuated without incident”. After the crowd had left, the K9s completed their sweep of the hall with negative results. This incident is under investigation. This incident will be investigated as a Class D Offense of Creating a Terrorist Threat.”

There were no further updates on where and when the bomb threat was made at the scene. Gallagher has yet to comment on the evacuation, but Garbage, who was able to perform before the crowd dispersed, tweeted: “We have no idea what happened tonight. We’ve all been evacuated and worried for everyone!!! Sorry, we don’t have any real information. We just had an emergency. I was told he was evacuated!!!!”

Both Garbage and Metric are on their way to support the remainder of Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds tour, and their next stop will be Columbia, Maryland, on July 13. The North American tour will conclude on July 15 in Boston, Massachusetts.

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