Coldplay’s Tour Vastly Reduces the Band’s Carbon Footprint


cold game -with billie eilish, Dave Matthews GroupJack Johnson and others — among the world’s most eco-friendly touring artists, provided an update on their sustainability initiatives on their “Music of the Spheres” World Tour, which began in March 2022 and has been ongoing until now. More than 7 million tickets have been sold.

According to the report, the current tour is:

– has so far produced 47% less CO2e emissions than previous stadium tours in 2016-17;

– 66% of all tour waste was diverted from landfills;

– 5 million trees planted (one for every concert goer). Trees Single Tree Planted;

– the power required for the production of the show (sound, lighting, lasers, etc.) is supplied by an electric battery system using 100% renewable energy;

– An average of 86% of the reusable plant-based LED wristbands that the audience used during the show were returned;

– each show has an average of 15kWh of power generated by in-house solar installations, kinetic dance floors and mopeds – enough to power the C-stage performance each night and provide the team with phone, laptop and instrument charging stations;

– 3,770 meals + 73 kg of toiletries were donated to the homeless and those without shelter as a tour treat;

The solar-powered 1 River Interceptor, deployed through Ocean Cleanup in Malaysia in March 2021, removed 158 tons of waste and 13 tons of ocean-bound plastic from the Klang River;

– Financial support was provided to environmental organizations such as ClientEarth, The Ocean Cleanup, Climeworks, Sea Shepherd, Project Seagrass, Sustainable Food Trust, Cleaner Seas Group, Food Forest Project, Knowledge Pele, Conservation Collective and others.

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The group’s efforts have been evaluated and endorsed by Professor John E. Fernandez of the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Environmental Solutions Initiative: “We fully endorse this effort as critically important, scientifically rigorous, and of the highest quality. The group deserves substantial credit for commissioning the business and acting as a pioneer of the global music industry.”

Below is Coldplay’s full description:

When we first announced the Music of the Spheres Tour, we hoped to make it as environmentally friendly as possible and reduce our direct carbon emissions (from show production, freight, band and crew travel) by 50%. We’d love to share how it went; some things work and some things need improvement.

Emissions data for the first 12 months of the tour were provided by Prof. Compiled, evaluated, and independently verified by John E. Fernandez.

In a show-by-show comparison, Music Of The Spheres Tour has so far produced 47% less CO2e emissions than our last stadium tour (2016-17).

It’s a good start – and something our incredible team should be proud of – but clearly there is still room for improvement.

Now that we have entered the second year of the tour, we have started running the entire show (sound, lights, lasers, etc.) from an electric battery system that allows us to use 100% renewable energy in the most efficient way possible. We use electric vehicles and alternative fuels wherever possible, minimizing the use of waste and plastic.

Thank you to all the brilliant people and creative minds who have helped us so far.

A huge thank you to everyone who came to a show and made all this possible. You’ve helped recharge the show batteries of electric bikes and kinetic dance floors; traveled to the shows on foot, by bike or by public transport; used recycling bins; car-sharing; brought refillable water bottles; returned the LED wristbands after the show. And you just came and planted a tree and helped a number of environmental organizations like Ocean Cleanup and ClientEarth (a team of environmental advocates).

Thank you all and I hope we will have made great improvements this time next year. If anyone has any ideas, please feel free to post it this way. Links.

Sincerely, Coldplay

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