David Byrne and Broadway Union Agree on ‘Here’s the Love’

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love lies here,” new david byrne The musical, which will premiere on Broadway from June 17, and the American Federation of Musicians’ Local 802 have agreed to include live musicians in the production. According to a statement from Local 802, the show will continue with 12 musicians. Variation.

“Broadway is a very special place with some of the world’s best musicians and performances, and we’re delighted this deal honors that tradition,” said Tino Gagliardi, chairman and executive director of Local 802.

The producers of the musical also made a statement: “On behalf of our entire cast, company and creative team, we have reached a collective bargaining agreement with Musicians Union Local 802. We look forward to welcoming audiences to experience the revolutionary musical experience Here Lies Love at the Broadway Theater starting Saturday, June 17th.”

They didn’t directly address the number of additions or provide more context for what roles they’d be playing in, instead stating, “Here Lies Love has always had three actors-musicians and a music director in every production. The integrity of the show and the musical concept remained the same.”

The union’s protest was based on a dispute over the use of prerecorded music for the Broadway production; this was a technical violation of a mandatory contract rule that required 19 musicians in musicals produced at the Broadway Theatre. The producers wanted the show to be presented, as with other productions over the past 10 years, with the actors singing mostly in pre-recorded backgrounds; they say it’s not a cost measure, but a natural reflection of dance club morality. The karaoke culture of the Philippines.

“This is an artistic undertaking where the tracks and the use of karaoke and how it’s implemented have artistic merit and value,” said Jose Antonio Vargas, one of two Filipinos among the show’s five producers. Variation before both parties are formed. “And with the idea that we’re greedy producers, that’s what was missing from this whole conversation. We are not career builders; Basically, we look at it as a cultural project. This is so deeply ingrained in our identity as Filipinos that we actually come and raise money and chat with the creative team that has been driving the show in a dual way from the beginning.

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