Deathstars – Everything Destroys You (Album Review)


Deathstars – Everything Destroys You (Album Review)

Swedish Deathstars are back after nearly a decade to reward their fans with a brand new and absolutely fantastic album.

First formed in 2000, the Industrial Metal band has an interesting and rich history. Initially, the group took shape when Nightmare Industries and Bone Wa Machine decided to take a different artistic approach from previous projects; Including Swordmaster and Dissection. Forming a new identity, they made a strong first impression with their debut album in 2002. Synthetic Generation. Featuring elements of Metal, Industrial, and Gothic Rock, the album put them on the map, so to speak; he later finds them wandering places like Korn, Cradle of Filth, and Rammstein. Sharing the stage with an impressive roster of legendary bands, the Deathstars themselves become a bit of a legend. From where? Well, aside from producing a pretty excellent Industrial Metal brand, their live shows are also pretty impressive.

Fast forward to 2023, with its release, they’re back with a vengeance. everything destroys you Via Nuclear Blast on May 5th. Fifth full-length studio albums, including the previous 2014’s The Perfect Sect…it’s definitely been a long time. A few things also changed in that time period; Including their reunion with Guitarist Cat Casino and welcoming new Drummer Nito. Together, they are joined by mainstays Nightmare Industries (guitar/keyboards), Whiplasher Bernadotte (vocals) and Skinny Disco (bass). Considering all these factors, the album has the typical Deathstars sound; Somewhere between Gothic, Metal and Industrial. All this combined with a dash of splendor and sparkle… at least when you have live shows and music videos in mind.

A total of ten new songs, “This Is” opens the album with a powerful and assertive rhythm that will immediately immerse you in Deathstar’s world. After that, “Midnight Party” brings with it a catchy tune that is somehow still not devoid of any gloom and doom. This “Anti All” has a hard start after the opening melody, then softens a bit before settling into a steady rhythm that will keep you moving forward.

From here, the header piece is almost smooth in comparison. There is also “Between Volumes and Vids”, with almost hypnotic female background vocals. A little louder, “An Atomic Prayer” starts with an anthem before shifting to a choppy melody, “Blood For Miles” gets your adrenaline flowing even more, and “The Churches Of Oil” hits you lightly. more creepy sounds.

Complementing the collection, “The Infrahuman Masterpiece” starts with a soft piano before broken guitars kick in, and more closely “Angel of Fortune and Crime” puts your adrenaline levels to the limit as you play back and forth between challenging arrangements. . , all matched with soft moments.

Comprehensive, everything destroys you A powerful and impressive return for Deathstars. Each song carries its own unique mix of grandeur and apocalypse, all with a bit of fear. Bringing it all together, Whiplasher’s voice takes your hand and guides you through the darkness that seeps from every song. Cryptic Rock, full of resounding character, everything destroys you 5 stars out of 5.

Deathstars – Everything Destroys You / Nuclear Blast Records (2023)

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