Demob Happy – ‘Run Baby Run’ — When The Horn Blows


Demob Happy is creating even more tension with their latest single ‘Run Baby Run’ ahead of their upcoming album release in May.

Labeled as ‘a musical slap in the face’ by Radio 1’s Clara Amfo, the final release of Demob Happy was expected to be pretty heavy. It is in absolute abundance.

The UK trio have become known for their big, heavy voices, but their latest single somehow takes that to a whole new dimension.

The first fuzzy riff that attracted the rest of the band really carries a sense of doom, added tenfold by the vocal performance of lead singer and bassist Matthew Marcantonio. He sings about “A nice way to die” in the first line of the piece and the tone is pretty much adjusted.

Drummer Thomas Armstrong and guitarist Adam Godfrey work very well with Marcantonio on this track, and the trio really does make some noise despite being a trio.

If ‘Run Baby Run’ is anything to consider, then the new record ‘Divine Machines’ (released May 26) is going to be a great heavy rock record. “Run Baby Run” is fast-paced and will leave the lively audience on a fever pitch.

The accompanying video fits in with the sheer apocalyptic feel, with the deep red accent dominating most of the video. For the most part, the lead singer of the group is depicted surrounded by a large number of people, but the focus is solely on him. This will undoubtedly have an impact when the piece is performed live. Viewers will not be able to take their attention away from the group.

A host of live dates are on the horizon as Demob Happy sets the record that will be huge for the trio. Catch Demob Happy at their release concert.

by words Matthew Caslin

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