Dove Cameron Says She Wrote 60 Songs For Her Debut Album


Pigeon Cameron He’s getting close to releasing his first album.

“I’m a few inches away,” Cameron said. “Of about 60 songs I’ve written, I just narrowed it down. I really try to keep the number of songs on the album high, but Columbia is being reasonable. I’m unreasonable I have all my favorites and most of them were sent to the mixer and done and the ones that are not I just left the studio last night when I was in LA.

“Boyfriend” singer and “Schmigadoon!” The star teased that a release date has been set, but the details are kept secret: “This year for sure. I can say it is very soon. I was working against a deadline that might have pushed it to next year but I fixed it. I’ll be able to announce it in a week or two.”

He also says the album will include a collaboration with a “dream artist.” “I hope to stop by for a few days for their tour,” says Cameron, who also plans a tour to support his album. “I have to get my album out before I go on tour, so I’m going to warm up a bit with them and do some shows. I’ll probably start my big tour next year, but I’ll do smaller shows before that.”

“For the first time, I’ll be performing like venues for 3,000 to 5,000 people,” Cameron said as he performs in large arenas for Jingle Ball concerts.

Also, Cameron’s appearance “Just for Diversity” podcast in April below.

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