Drake and Diddy Join French Montana Doc as EP Ahead of Tribeca Premiere

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Aubrey”drakeGraham and SeandiddyCombs signed as executive producers of Grammy-nominated rapper French MontanaThe documentary for Khadija, which is to be premiered. Tribeca Film Festival on June 16

Directed by Mandon Lovett, “For Khadija” follows the unexpected rise of Moroccan-born, multi-platinum record label French Montana, who sacrifices everything as a single mother to raise her three young sons in the Bronx after being abandoned by their father. and dismissed, ”according to the official statement of the doctor. “The film travels the world as it depicts a family’s unique immigrant journey, a son’s perseverance in the face of insurmountable obstacles, and a mother’s unwavering faith – all while pursuing the American dream.”

According to a press release, the film’s premiere in Tribeca will include a panel discussion with “hip-hop heavyweights, social justice advocates and pop culture icons” to be announced. After the screening, Montana and Ugandan band Triplets Ghetto Kids will also take the stage.

Montana recently became the most streamed African-born artist in history and released “Coke Boys 6: Money Heist Edition”, the sixth mixtape in the “Coke Boys” franchise. Montana and Diddy have a long history, and the two first collaborated on Montana’s 2011 remix of “Shot Caller,” a reference to Diddy’s 1997 hit “It’s All About the Benjamins.” Shortly thereafter, Montana signed with Diddy’s Bad Boy Records. Drake and Montana previously teamed up for “Stay Schemin'” with Rick Ross in 2012 and “Pop That” with Ross and Lil Wayne that same year. More recently, Drake appeared on Montana’s track “No Stylist” in 2019.

Other producers of the film include SAL&CO’s Dina Sahim, FYI Brands’ Tammy Brook and Mariah Carey’s former manager Stella Bulochikov.

You can watch the trailer for “For Khadija” below:

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