Drake to Take Music Break Due to Stomach Problems, Will ‘Lock’ Studio Door

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Drake has been on a prolific kick, dropping three albums in just over a year, including his latest project “For All the Dogs,” which debuted Friday. But the rapper, who is about to wrap his “It’s All a Blur” tour with 21 Savage, says he plans to take a break from recording music.

“[I’m] probably not going to make music for a little bit, I’mma be real with you. I need to focus on my health, first and foremost,” Drake said on a recent episode of his SiriusXM “Table for One” radio show (via Uproxx).

Drake continued, “I’ve been having the craziest problems with my stomach for years. I need to get right, I have a lot of other things I would love to focus on so I’m going to lock the door on the studio for a little bit. I don’t know what a little bit is. Maybe a year or something. Maybe a little bit longer.”

“For All the Dogs” has already sparked internet discourse after its 6 a.m. ET release on Oct. 6. At 23 songs and nearly 85 minutes, the album features an all-star lineup of features, songwriters and producers. SZA, Bad Bunny, J. Cole, 21 Savage, Chief Keef, Sexyy Red, Lil Yachty and Yeat appear on the record, as well as a spoken-word sample from Frank Ocean on the opening track, “Virginia Beach.” Notably absent is Drake’s friend and former labelmate Nicki Minaj, whom he said would feature on “For All the Dogs” over the summer.

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