Dymytry – Five Angry Men (Album Review)

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When scoping out the Central European region for Metal music chances are you will find a bundle in Germany and Poland… but how many of us turn to the Czech Republic? The answer is truthfully few, because while The Czech Republic is a lovely country, with one of the most beautiful cities in all of Europe being Prague, historically, few bands have made it to the international stage from the area. However, there is a band going by the name Dymytry who are poised to charge the gates in 2024.

Dymytry, a five-piece Metal band – consisting of Alen “A.L.“ Ljubic (vocals), Jiri “DYMO“ Urban (guitar), Jan “GORGY“ Gorgel (guitar), Artur “R2R“ Mikhaylov (bass), and Milos “MILDOR“ Meier (drums) – are not at all new to the scene. In fact, the band has been around for two decades, but until more recent years, recording music primarily in their native Slavic language. Doing so over the course of a list of albums – from 2006’s Psy-Core through to 2019’s Revolter – it was 2022’s Revolt which would find them putting together their first ever all-English-speaking collection. Attaining a good deal of praise, and platinum status, the album featured such songs as “Chernobyl 2.0,” as well as a distinguishable cover of Rockwell’s “Somebody’s Watching Me.” Now an act many are recognizing beyond the borders of Central Europe, in the United States, Dymytry may still be relatively unknown.

That in mind, matters are about to change, because they are set to release their new album Five Angry Men on January 26th through AFM Records. Their second with AFM Records, the first being Revolt, Five Angry Men finds the band sitting like an unsuspecting volcano ready to erupt. Now, if you are someone relatively new to Dymytry, the first thing that naturally will grab your eye is their image. Very similar to that of a Mushroomhead or Slipknot, if this deters you, do not let it, because there is far more going on with this band. Possessing a sound that certainly fits nicely in the world of Alternative Metal, they are blessed with fantastic songwriting skills, razor sharp guitar playing from GORGY, and extremely versatile singing from A.L. Some may find them comparable to Five Finger Death Punch, but again, there is still more beneath the surface here.

With Five Angry Men they offer up ten well-constructed, potent songs. In enough words, there are more peaks than valleys here. Clearly the product of hard work to make a massive impression on their growing international fanbase, the album is powerfully effective until the end. Which leads us to the ‘more beneath the surface’ aspect of the band; which is that they have lyrical content that is intelligent and topical. Not afraid to speak up, Dymytry lives up to the title of Five Angry Men; because they sound-off on the 1984-like society we all seem to be living in at present. They are not afraid to tell you how they feel, and with that, articulate it quite well.

Doing this, the album presents you with varied points of view. For example, songs like “Enemy List” and “Everything Is Black” feel more introspective; in the respect that the band is expressing their personal disgust with those around them. This is whereas others like “Wake Me Up (Before We Die)” “Dead Living Dead,” and “1939” are more extrospective; examining the decay of society, plus how apathetic and catatonic most seem to be with what is happening right in front of their eyes. In all, these ideas are well-presented, precise, and if anything, offer societies more disenfranchised patrons a point of cathartic release.

This contextual explanation presented, the music itself is nothing less than flawless Alternative Metal. Heavy, filled with outstanding riffs, and irresistible vocal hooks, it is perfect for mainstream Metal lovers, as well as those who fancy themselves more underground. Overall, Dymytry is an act which should not be overlooked or cast aside for any reason. Legitimately conjuring up something impressive, Cryptic Rock gives Five Angry Men 5 out of 5 stars. 

Dymytry Five Angry Men album
Dymytry – Five Angry Men / AFM Records (2024)
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