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Eden Rain’s latest single, “Crumb”, positions him as one of the promising artists just before his debut EP, which will be released next month.

Rain’s endearing autobiographical songwriting style was first showcased on his debut single “Wake Up, You’re Stuck” and has since become a staple of his work, with each release offering a snapshot of the inner workings of the Leeds-born artist’s mind. The new single “Crumb” is no exception, offering a little over 3 minutes of unfiltered honesty. The track precedes Rain’s highly anticipated EP ‘Gutter Vision’, which will be released on May 19.

‘Crumble’ offers an impressive taste of what to expect from future works. Stunningly powerful metaphors reflect the frustration of giving someone everything and getting nothing in return. From the first verse, the touching edge of Rain’s self-awareness is evident as he heartbreakingly recounts, “I bit off more than I could chew again, but love is a currency, I trade it for being liked by men.” With thought-provoking poetic expressions detailing Rain’s most personal struggles, ‘Crumb’ is a work of written art as well as musical.

The R&B-infused production of the piece is as masterful as its lyricism, with intricate instrumental arrangements creating a breathtakingly enchanting soundscape. Looping drum beats, rolling foundations and subtle piano melodies provide the perfect background for Rain’s leading vocals. What ultimately completes the piece is the rising star’s deep and squeaky vocal expression, reminiscent of the likes of female powerhouses Amy Winehouse and Raye.

Showcasing clearly expressed emotional lyricism and clean production, ‘Crumb’ is a testament to Rain’s talent and potential as a young artist. With a headline show scheduled for May 22 at London’s Folklore, it looks like we’ll be hearing a lot more from Eden Rain in the future.

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