Elton John Brings Brandon Flowers, Not Britney, For ‘Tiny Dancer’

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Cold, cold heart, what you did is hard.

And Glastonbury fans were definitely made hard Elton John And Britney Spears Sunday night. It was widely rumored that Spears would join John in the closing headline at the British music festival, but instead he will sing a remix of their hit “Tiny Dancer” – Brandon Flowers.

Fans were stunned when The Killers frontman lingered on stage instead of Spears, especially when the “Baby One More Time” singer left clues on Instagram en route to her set suggesting that John might be (or was) in the UK. at least considering the UK). On Friday, Spears released an oil painting featuring McDonald’s food and a vase of roses with three Union Jack flags underneath. In another now-deleted post, she reportedly told her fans she was going to London this week, claiming it was for a shopping trip.

Some hoped that Flowers, whom John introduced as a close friend, could hand it over to Spears to finish the song, but hope quickly faded as the piece progressed. (Spears’ absence didn’t surprise at least one couple in the audience who got engaged during the performance.)

The 2022 summer remix of “Tiny Dancer” became Spears’ 14th career top 10 single. The song was also his first song since the end of the conservatory war that made headlines. However, a Glasto cameo would always be a difficult task for concert-shy Spears, who, despite being in Los Angeles, did not attend John’s farewell Dodger Stadium concert in November.

so where is it it was Spears during John’s set? Of course, on Instagram. The singer, who often releases dance videos he shot himself, has released another home video where he transitions to a Michael Jackson song. Minutes later Justin Bieber’s “I like the song!!!” Watched a video titled

Of course, Spears wasn’t the only cameo appearance missing: Dua Lipa, who collaborated with John on “Cold Heart,” was also absent from Glasto. John continued singing but explained that since Lipa was “not here”, the audience had to sing their part.

The “Rocketman” singer brought in a number of special guests for his set that closed the four-day festival. In addition to Flowers, she also featured Rina Sawayama for “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” and “Are You Ready for Love?” Jacob Lusk from soul trio Gabriels joined for the show.

John also gave high praise to newcomer Steven Sanchez, who was brought in to sing his hit song “Until I Find You.”

“When I chose my guests for this show, I wanted to have newer artists apart from one person and this kid I heard on the radio last year,” said John, who accompanied the Nashville singer on piano. “I asked him to come to Glastonbury to do his song and he is an incredible young talent.”

The concert was John’s last performance in England. Since 2018 Farewell has been performing around the world as part of the Yellow Brick Road tour. The tour will end in Sweden in July.

I will never forget you. “You are in my head, heart and soul,” John told the thousands gathered at Glasto’s Pyramid Stage. “Thank you very much, Glastonbury. Thank you very much, England. Love, health and happiness.”

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