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Singer-songwriter Brooke Bentham releases her lyrically poetic new EP ‘Caring’. Bentham takes us on a trance-like journey through her vulnerable new indie-rock sound.

Brooke Bentham is a UK-based musician, known for her debut LP ‘Everyday Nothing’ in 2020. Nearly three years later, Bentham brings us a more alternative sound, evoking a strong sense of hope and solace on her new EP .

The EP’s opening is “over and over again,” a beautifully written story paired with the upbeat sound of his band’s guitars and drums. Bentham communicates his frustration with everyday life and how life doesn’t have to feel like this. ‘over and over’ is a track that illustrates the adventures life has to offer despite the mundaneness of life. Bentham comments that the track is an “ode to road trips, getting away from life, feeling like yourself and enjoying being alive.”

The sweetest track on ‘Caring’ has to be ‘almost heaven’. The track captures the wonders of finding love for life through the help of a partner. ‘almost heaven’ is a true reflection of young love. It’s a love song that reassures listeners about how we invariably grow up with our partners and will always care about the journey they take us on.

‘let go’, the third track on their EP, is a beautifully written track that explores the nostalgia we feel when thinking about past relationships. She creates a safe space for us to feel regret and the loss of something we once held dear. Bentham states that when he wrote the song, he “was really thinking about the way our bodies hold emotions and how they affect us.”

The final track, ‘stop’, is the group’s most harrowing song. If we think of Phoobe Bridgers’ song ‘Punisher’, Bentham emulates the gut-wrenching high notes of that song to fully display his wrath.

Brooke Bentham is someone to watch out for, especially for lovers of Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Dacus.

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