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Six themes summarize the emotions and transformations that FIDLAR has gone through. His new EP ‘That’s Life’ is out now and it filled me with anger, excitement and acceptance all at the same time.

FIDLAR are the masters of growling riffs and punchy soundscapes, enhanced by roaring vocals and frank lyricism. ‘That’s Life’ begins with his latest single ‘Centipede’, which is the fiercest of the six from his new EP. ‘On Drugs’ is rolling and thunderous, ‘Sand On The Beach’ brings a sweeter sound to the band, comforting and almost friendly. With ‘FSU’ the trio bring absolute carnage to my living room, distorted and unhinged, that’s how I like to listen to FIDLAR.

‘Taste The Money’ is the fiery punk rock track with the most narration-like lyrics and takes on a passive aggressive sound. The song is the perfect introduction to the closing and title track of the EP, ‘That’s Life’ is a favorite, a true to the core and “don’t take life so seriously” message presented in the most subtle way. . The six songs are pretty mind blowing and tell a story I haven’t found the words for yet, life has been turned upside down and FIDLAR is turning it back to the way I’ve known it for about twenty five years. Despite my living room walls still shaking and my ears still ringing, listening to the EP through my speakers is nothing like watching FIDLAR live.

In recent years, the trio had to redefine what their music and live presence could look like in a world where we had to socially distance, while FIDLAR’s live shows consist mostly of sweaty mosh and circular pits… The California punk group are back after a four year hiatus and this EP marks their first official project since 2019’s ‘Almost Free’, despite the four years they have clearly only gained in strength and power. Theirs is a mind-blowing, comforting yet anxious sound and with ‘That’s Life’ they show that none of their chaotic magic has been lost to time. They yell about relationships, friendships, emotions, and how life can suck, and they tell it like it is.

Fueled by psychedelics and caravanning with friends, Carper’s lyrics for the EP came up during a DMT ceremony at Lake Powell. Lyrics that realize that there is no lighting that cures everything, and that there are no answers. Yet there is an exuberance in sharing real human connections, both good and bad, and a sense of liberation in yelling “fuck it” when faced with the chaos of life. I am grateful that they have shared this wisdom with me, with their fans old and new, in ‘That’s Life’, which shows them in their most liberating and empowering form yet.

Following this release and several sold-out shows in the US, the trio recently announced an upcoming multi-city California tour, with additional dates in New Zealand and Australia. The tour kicked off last month in Santa Cruz and you can find tickets for their upcoming live dates, and a complete list of said dates. here!

‘That’s Life’ will be available online and on limited edition vinyl to be released this spring.

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