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Hozier returns with a glorious EP Eat your young.

Irish sensation Andrew Hozier Byrne is back with a three-track EP, with the promise of an LP later this year.

eat your young follow last year swan on leda, which was a stunning acoustic guitar-led folk track, and was their first new music in three years.

This EP may be short, but it lacks nothing. These three songs pack a punch and are expertly crafted.

Opening with the title track, it begins with layered vocals and production. “I’m starving, my dear/Let me stick my lips out for something/Let me wrap my teeth around the world”delivery on the opening line. According to Hozier himself, the song is a sample of the 9 Circles of Hell, specifically the third circle, gluttony. However, if the listener didn’t know this going into the track, then they probably wouldn’t guess. His beautiful voice and rich tone, combined with the impressive and commanding production of crescendos, mask the dark subject matter at hand.

the next clue, all things end, is a definite highlight. It’s soulful, sincere and intelligent, much like the rest of Hozier’s discography. “If there was anyone who survived this life/With their heart still intact, they didn’t do well.” tells us. The songwriting on this track is Hozier at his best, with deep metaphors intertwined with simple yet moving phrases. The strings take the song to a whole other level, and for the second half, the huge choruses play like a goosebump-inducing gospel choir.

closing it with Through me (The deluge), another sensational and energetic song. Opening with minimal production and Andrew’s vocals, his Irish cadence comes through. Every chorus on this EP is spectacular, and through me does not disappoint the track sees him reflecting on the loss; “I looked down into the depths when I met you/I couldn’t measure it” sings during the pre-chorus.

An exhilarating and euphoric EP that further proves that Hozier is one of the best songwriters in the business and makes the promise of a full album even more exciting.

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