EP Review: Kitty Fitz – ‘All My Own Stunts’ — When The Horn Blows

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Goodbye, Grumpy Cat!

Sayonara, Salem!

And Toodle-oo, Tigger!

There’s a new cat in town.

The incomparable Kitty Fitz releases her highly anticipated EP, ‘All My Own Stunts’, and it’s a smooth, rhythmic, melodic treat for the senses from start to finish!

The opener, ‘Malibu’, immediately sets the tone, a clean palette for your senses, instantly transports you into your desired headspace and, like its alcoholic namesake, is smooth and warm with a shimmering finish.

Kitty’s soft but assertive voice begins, with a short and precise intonation, you feel that she is speaking to you, she is telling you a story and she means every word.

The music itself acts as a sophisticated and balanced accompaniment to Kitty’s voice, almost like ASMR. It Ebbs and Flows seamlessly using clever instrumentation, theme music, and relaxing rhythms. Everything in ‘Malibu’ is an anti-escapist anthem that highlights the reality and ultimate futility of trying to run away from all your problems. It’s effortlessly elegant, thoughtfully constructed, and most importantly, magical.

‘Mean’ and ‘I Want Your Love (Oh My God)’, act as the proverbial meat in the EP sandwich.

‘Mean’ builds on the themes and tone first introduced on ‘Malibu’. In essence, ‘Mean’ is a neopoetic lyric; devoid of conventional song structure and at times falls into a vibrating stream of consciousness, while maintaining the heady rhythms and already established beautiful melody.

‘I Want Your Love (Oh My God)’ is exactly what you would expect from a song from this space and time. A sophisticated spin on the E.Ps theme, with similarly strong melodic and rhythmic undertones, yet unlike the early songs there is a raw, emotionally pleading quality throughout. This song feels like the most personal song ever, a true, raw peek into the artist’s thoughts and feelings.

The final song, ‘All My Life’, is the culmination of everything established and acts as the lynchpin, tying it all together. In addition to the beautiful songwriting we’ve come to expect, this song, specifically, is packed with clever and quirky lyricism, and is a beautiful, euphoric climax to an overall excellent record.

In its entirety, ‘All My Own Stunts’ is a beautifully crafted whimsical party, greater than the sum of its considerable parts.

It sits right in an electronic pocket that floats carefree like an old DVD screen saver, hitting every corner. single. time. The melodies are infectiously memorable and opinionated in nature.

The instrumentation has a dry/natural acoustic feel, but dichotomous in nature; peppered with echoes of old-time synth/electronic music; from sounds of TV pioneers like ‘Delia Derbyshire’ (of Dr. Who fame) to feels, rhythms and cadences that wouldn’t sound out of place during the darker moments of ‘MF Doom’. It rests right on the edge and is a union of all that is good in synth, pop and electronic music.

‘All My Own Stunts’ is effortlessly stylish, thoughtfully constructed and most of all magical.

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