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Lille Venn releases her debut EP titled ‘Whatever, Together’. Turning her diary into 2000s pop-punk tracks.

Written in her childhood bedroom in Sandefjord, Norway, during the pandemic, between 2019 and 2021. Lille Venn describes the EP as “the journal I wrote while in the belly of the beast of pain and trying to find solid ground afterward. to have the carpet. ripped out from under me… journal entries about losing friends, family members, a sense of belonging and being too deep in it to ask for help.”

Opening the EP with the title track ‘Whatever, Together’, you can instantly hear Avril Lavigne’s inspirations. Lille Venn is bringing back the pop-punk sound of the 2000s with upbeat drums and guitars, combined with moody lyrics. ‘I’m driving into a ditch with your ghost in the back of my car’ is a standout lyric for me, which sums up this introductory song, instantly showcasing Lille Venn’s lyrical creativity.

“I’ve Blown Up My Friends!!” Keep going, coming in with instant energy. A pop-punk song that questions whether it’s a waste of youth to spend time looking for love instead of enjoying moments with friends.

Covering heartbreaking topics in both ‘What Would I Do?’ and ‘Mourning Sickness’, Lille Venn still manages to capture a feeling of sweetness and innocence. In the first, she sings, “please answer this time.” Simple lyrics but perfectly executed to tug at the heartstrings of listeners, who many can relate to, the desire and slight desperation to be loved, all wrapped up in this one line.

Lille Venn also treats us to a song that takes us back to the youthful innocence of childhood years, with a song inspired by bedroom pop “Sleepover Song”. Longing to experience the joyful naivety of youth just one more time to escape the world that moves so fast around us.

A pop-rock song titled ‘Not D3@d’ follows. The more pop-inspired track on the album maintains an upbeat trajectory for the EP.

To close out the album, we only hear Venn’s vocals combined with acoustic guitar on ‘I Hate You, I Miss You’. With her heart on her sleeve, “I’m calling you and your new girlfriend must hate me.” Lille Venn tells the story of the struggle to forget someone who was once so important in your life. Singing “I’m sixteen again,” encapsulating the feeling of experiencing heartbreak for the first time, wondering if it will ever get easier.

Lille Venn delivers an EP that takes us all back to the younger days of experiencing friendships, relationships, and heartbreak, while reflecting on growing up and the fears that come hand-in-hand with aging. Showcasing his impressive ability to elegantly articulate weighty themes, yet maintaining a positive outlook, resulted in a nostalgic and fun EP from Lille Venn.

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