Fetty Wap Sentenced to Six Years in Prison for Federal Drug Crime

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Fetty Wap He was sentenced to six years in federal prison on Wednesday on a drug conspiracy charge alleging drug trafficking across the country. The “Trap Queen” rapper was also ordered to be kept on probation for five years after his prison sentence ended.

A six-year prison sentence is one year more than the minimum sentence. New York Times. Prosecutors argued in a letter to the judge last week that the New Jersey-born rapper should serve a longer term, arguing that Fetty Wap (real name Willie Junior Maxwell II) used his reputation to beautify the drug trade. rich people who make a living from their music. The letter referenced one of the music videos to support the claim.

“Young people who admire the defendant and are considering selling drugs should be sent the message that selling drugs is not a glamorous lifestyle and that they will face long prison sentences if they engage in this trade,” said US Attorney General Breon Peace. The Eastern District has requested an extension of the sentence from seven to nine years.

Fetty Wap was one of several defendants (Fetty Wap pleaded guilty to federal drug conspiracy charges in August last year) charged and convicted of being part of an organization that distributes more than 100 kilograms of drugs in Long Island and New Jersey. He was arrested shortly before Rolling Loud was scheduled to perform in New York in October 2021 and was initially released on bail, but has been in custody since he pleaded guilty.

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