Frank Ocean Withdraws From Coachella Weekend 2


Frank Ocean won’t make his performance Headliner slot planned at Coachella This Sunday, a representative of the singer confirms Variation. A source close to the situation says it will be replaced by Blink-182.

The statement read: “Frank Ocean will not be performing at the end of Week 2. cocoella.

“After suffering a leg injury at the festival area during the week leading up to Week 1, Frank Ocean was unable to perform the intended show, but was nevertheless determined to perform, and within 72 hours, the show was rearranged out of necessity.

“On the advice of the doctor, [Ocean] Due to two fractures and sprains in his left leg, he will not be able to complete his second weekend.”

The note ends with a statement from Ocean: “’It was chaotic. There is beauty in chaos. That’s not what I intended to show, but I enjoyed being there and see you soon.’ -Frank Ocean.”

The news came after days of turmoil Ocean’s polarization set The festival’s first weekend, which was solid if musically erratic but marred by major production problems: An elaborate performance featuring an ice rink and dozens of skateboarders was scheduled but was abruptly cancelled. during says multiple sources The major production was abruptly canceled on Sunday—just hours before Ocean’s performance began—because the singer decided she didn’t want to do it, she says in the statement due to a previous ankle injury she suffered. week.

While recordings of the concert, which, unlike many other sets at the festival, were not broadcast live, showed innovative new arrangements of several of their songs, overall energy was low; he and the group are hidden by a series of people walking in a circle around the stage (a revision of the original plan to surround him with ice skaters); and the pacing was bizarre: A seemingly random DJ set popped up, causing many fans to think their performance was over. It also started an hour late, which sources said was due to a last-minute production change.

original line-up Blink-182And Surprise artists on the first weekend of the festivalThis is their first reunion since singer-guitarist Tom DeLonge left the band in 2014. aughts,” says Variety’s review. The band has created the same Jackass-style ease they did at their height 20 years ago with DeLonge and [bassist Mark] Hoppuss genitals, Dalai Llama and UTIs speak smart as they blast their sets. Although drummer Travis Barker delayed the band’s tour earlier this year, the review adds, “there were no signs of injury here – the playing was clear and precise, and the band felt tight and rehearsed.”

While fans who want to see what will be Ocean’s second concert since 2017 will be disappointed, Coachella 2023 is likely to end with a bang anyway.

Variation As it develops, it will learn more about the situation.

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