Girl Ray – ‘Hold Tight’ — When The Horn Blows


“Hot as the Sunshine”: Girl Ray gifted fans with the amazing “Hold Tight” before the release of their third album.

The band, consisting of Poppy Hankin, Iris McConnell and Sophie Moss, gave their fans an exciting taste of music with their highly anticipated new record ‘Prestige’. The newest single, with its freaky vibe and accompanying super-cool video, will make fans want more.

The upcoming album is said to be the voice of the band reclaiming the disco music genre, and initially focuses on celebrating the cultures that surround it. “‘Prestige’ is an escape to a fantasy club space,” the group says. This feeling is perfectly conveyed in the final single that precedes the recording.

“Hold Tight” has an undeniably loose feel and will definitely be a hip-moving piece in crowds, especially festival crowds: because the piece has a clear summer feel.

A funky bass line seems to be driving the piece and the band seems to be working in perfect harmony, with every component being a vital gear in the slick operation that is Girl Ray. As with the lyrics, the track is “warm as sunshine”.

Accompanying the piece is an equally entertaining video of the band dressing up in cowgirl outfits in the gray countryside. Despite the particularly drab weather, the band seems to bring warmth to the piece, which is reflected in it. The band is dancing, playing their instruments and apparently having a great time in their new music video.

Girl Ray will now be playing at the Green Man Festival next summer and the new record is due to be released as well, so it’s safe to say that the summer is going to be huge for them. If there’s anything to like about the latest single, we’re in for a feast with their next release!

by words Matthew Caslin

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