Grimes’ Elf.Tech Partners with TuneCore and CreateSafe

150 views, dirt‘ newly published AI program, partnered TuneCore allowing artists to distribute collaborations created through Grimes’ Elf.Tech AI to all major streaming platforms.

The pilot program will allow artists to use Elf.Tech, which he created in partnership with Grimes. Create Safe, to create music with AI sound and share 50% of the revenue with it. “GrimesAI soundtracks” can be exported and included in the creator’s original compositions, then uploaded to TuneCore as GrimesAI’s main or featured artist when Grimes approves the collaboration.

TuneCore will be responsible for researching content to ensure it complies with DSP guidelines, verifying correct copyright shares, and ultimately distributing the music to streaming platforms worldwide. The initiative is part of Believe’s (TuneCore’s parent company) AI strategy.

Grimes added, “I’m so excited to be working with CreateSafe and TuneCore to enable their users to deploy their collaborations with GrimesAI to all major streaming platforms!”

The Elf.Tech model for developing the Grimes soundtrack is trained exclusively on Grimes owned vocals and content, and GrimesAI does not claim any ownership of the soundtrack or the underlying composition (unless this is a cover of a Grimes song).

“By joining forces with Grimes and CreateSafe, TuneCore has become the first mover in the field, providing artists with the opportunity to interact with AI technology in an innovative, modern process that delivers tangible value and enables them to share permissions, control and revenue at scale.” Andreea Gleeson, CEO of TuneCore. “Looking forward, we look forward to exploring similar innovative initiatives on behalf of our artists.”

CreateSafe CEO, Daouda Leonard, commented, “Elf.Tech is the first showcase of our TRINITI operating system, a landmark platform for productive music AI. Educating artists about AI on audio, visual and literary IPs helps them build their creative DNA. It gives us the power to code and preserve and open avenues for other artists and fans to create new work that directly references and compensates for the original source.”

+ Nile Rodgers Chic’s legendary co-founder, David Bowie, was announced as Madonna, songwriter/producer for Diana Ross, and president of the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Apple Music Artist at Home Focusing on Spatial Sound.

“What Apple has done with Spatial Audio is the gateway to the future,” Rodgers said in a statement. “Streaming and the portability that comes with it have completely changed the way we consume music, and everything we do today is accompanied by a soundtrack of our favorite songs. This has come with a compromise in sound quality, but now with Spatial Audio you can have the convenience you want while enjoying a completely immersive audio experience. When I first installed my master tapes and listened to them on Spatial, I started to regret that I didn’t have them at the time. Like ‘The Beatles in Mono’, our creativity was limited by the technology of the time. It would have been incredible for me to be able to do more artistically, and now I can thanks to Spatial Audio .This is a real gift for music lovers.”

To officially kick off the partnership, Rodgers shows up shortly after. Apple Music videos where he shares his process of remastering his catalog in Dolby Atmos and reveals his creative intent, the technicalities of the music, and the possibilities Spatial brings to his work.

Additionally, Rodgers and Apple Music will host several live Spatial Audio playback sessions and educational events throughout the summer, including a special evening at the Dolby Screening Room Hollywood Vine in Los Angeles, as well as retail events at Apple Store locations in New York and London. will host. It’s part of the “Today at Apple” program that started in June. For more information see Here.

+ spotify announced resale plans sound trapA cross-platform music creation online workspace to its original founders, nearly six years after its initial acquisition in 2017.

+ spotify will host Spotify House: Puerto RicoA one-week music and creator residency in the heart of San Juan from June 20-23. Spotify House: Puerto Rico It will act as a hub for the music industry, with a series of training sessions, workshops, masterclasses, panel discussions, industry networking opportunities, showcases, and an interactive museum experience immersing in the history of reggeaton for artists and aspiring creators.

The showcase lineup includes:

New city: This showcase highlights some of Puerto Rico’s strongest emerging talents and includes a special display of Arcángel.

Women in Music (Women in Music): rai nao, main machoand panelist Cheska will come together to celebrate women and LGBTQ+ artists in music.

sounds of the island: After the panel discussion on various voices coming out of Puerto Rico, iLe and Luis Vazquez will take the stage with Buscabulla at the Sonidos de la Isla showcase.

Breaking Puerto Rico: Rompiendo Puerto Rico will celebrate Urban artists on the island with performances by Brray, Dei V and Hozwal.

Fan Experiences: Chencho Corleone, Young Miko, and Arcángel’s top fans in San Juan will be invited to participate in exclusive fan experiences throughout the week.

Spotify will also leverage its own capability to run workshops on a variety of topics, including how executives and artists can take full advantage of Spotify for Artists, masterclasses on writing and publishing music, and best practices when preparing presentations. To view the full itinerary, see Here.

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