Hair Metal Documentary ‘I Wanna Rock: The ’80s Metal Dream’


hairspray tights Leather pants. Doing makeup. The ’80s metal scene left a long and lasting legacy, and the story of five of its greatest artists is told in “I Wanna Rock: The 80s Metal Dream.”

Paramount+ has announced that its new three-part documentary series will premiere exclusively in the US and Canada on Tuesday, July 18, and internationally in the UK and Australia on Wednesday, July 19, with further international markets coming later this summer.

The series is about the members of Skid Row, Winger groups. Twisted BrotherWhile chasing fame, Vixen and Scream found it. While artists such as Motley Crue, Def Leppard, Guns N’ Roses and others have achieved greater and more lasting success, their stories are better suited to tell the story of struggle, success and struggle again.

The series is divided into three parts:

● Chapter 101 – “I Want To Be Someone”

As ’80s metal swept across America, five rockers set out to thrive in the world of hairspray and spandex.

● Chapter 102 – “Towards Heartbreak”

Metal has taken to new heights. As our rockers become stars, they battle personal demons, sexism, and even Congress.

● Chapter 103 – “Smells Like Change”

The world’s taste in music changes from country to grunge and every metal musician fights for survival. Some will succeed, some will not… but everything will change forever.

The series is produced by MTV Entertainment Studios in partnership with Gunpowder & Sky. Tyler Measom is the director and executive producer. Produced by Van Toffler. It is executive produced by David Kennedy, Nick Quested, Rick Krim, Matt Shay, Matt Weaver, Floris Bauer, Barry Barclay and Joanna Zwickel. MTV Entertainment Studios is executive produced by Bruce Gillmer, Michael Maniaci and Vanessa WhiteWolf, while Jennifer Yandrisevits is Senior Production Director.

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