Harry Styles and Glass Animals Lead the Rise of British Music Exports

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British recorded music exports experienced significant growth in 2022, surpassing previous records despite intensifying global competition.

Figures released by the BPI, the trade association representing the UK’s leading music labels and labels, reveal UK music sales and international streams rose 20% in value to £709m ($901.5m) . This surge represents a jump of over £100m in a single year.

This marks the highest annual export level since 2000, when BPI launched its annual survey of record companies’ overseas revenues. The turning point came in a year when UK artists dominated the most streamed tracks worldwide. harry stylesAccording to data from Luminate, “As It Was” took the title of most streamed track worldwide in 2022. Glass Animals“Heat Waves” took second place on the list. Additionally, Elton John And Dua Lipa“Cold Heart (PNAU Remix)” and Ed Sheeran’s “Shivers” collaboration were also among the Top 10 of the year.

His success story goes beyond Britain’s global superstars. In 2022, over 400 British artists brought together more than 100 million audio streams of their music worldwide. Among them, nearly two dozen artists received support through the Music Export Growth Program (MEGS), managed by BPI. MEGS helps small and medium-sized independent music companies develop their careers in overseas markets. The UK government recently announced plans to triple funding for the program from its current rate, with a total of £3.2m over the next two years. Consistent with this decision Creative Industries Industry Visionhighlights the program’s return on investment and support for more than 300 artists.

2022 saw double-digit percentage growth in physical and digital download sales, streaming and other forms of British music consumption in all regions worldwide. This is notable given the fiercely competitive nature of the global streaming economy. Emerging music markets such as the Middle East (+59%), Africa (+48%) and Latin America (+38%) experienced significant growth in their listening user base. Established markets also increased in UK music consumption, with North America (+28%), Europe (+11%), Asia (+17%) and Oceania (+16%) all contributing to the uptrend.

Among the UK’s top 20 regions for recorded music, all but one experienced growth. The largest market, the US, saw revenue growth of 28% over the previous year. This growth can be attributed in part to the strong value of the US dollar against the pound, a trend reflected against the pound in other foreign currencies. It also reflects the US success of UK artists Aside from their global crown, Harry Styles and Glass Animals will be in the top two for most popular tracks on audio streaming services in the US in 2022, while British artists like Adele, Coldplay, Kate Bush and Sam Smith were also successful in the American market.

Although Germany, the UK’s second largest market, experienced a more moderate increase of 4% in music exports, France (+15%), Australia (+17%), Canada (+30%), Netherlands (+15%), Italy (+18%), Spain (+14%) and Brazil (+47%). India recorded the most significant growth percentage with 130% year-on-year revenue growth, making it one of the UK’s top 20 overseas markets for recorded music. China, which is only among the UK’s top 20 markets, saw a 2% decrease compared to the previous year.

Overall, this increase in overseas revenue puts the UK on track to meet BPI’s ambitious target of reaching £1bn in annual recorded music exports by the end of the decade. In five years, annual revenues have already increased by over 70%.

Sophie Jones, chief strategy officer and interim CEO of BPI, said: “These record export figures for UK labels represent an outstanding achievement in the face of unprecedented competition on the global music scene from both established and rapidly expanding new music markets. have set us on the right track to achieve our £1bn annual target in UK music exports, but for this growth to continue the UK needs to remain a supportive environment for investment in music and policymakers must do so. Work with industry to bring it out.”

Lucy Frazer, UK culture secretary, added: “From global superstars to emerging artists, British music is breaking records worldwide. The government wants to support them every step of the way and we want to help the next generation of talent launch international careers and keep UK artists high on the charts for years to come. We invest millions for it.”

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