Harry Styles Invites Ukrainian Refugees to ‘Love on Tour’ Concert

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harry styles Supported by the International Rescue Committee (IRC), three Ukrainian refugees experienced the “Love on Tour” concert at Warsaw’s PGE Narodowy Stadium on Sunday.

Maryna, her 13-year-old daughter Daria and her friend Daria Kathina had to leave their homes. Ukraine They are in July 2022 and currently live in Sosnowiec, Poland. Maryna participated in the IRC’s Step to Work project for Ukrainian refugees in Poland, attended workshops on navigating the Polish job market and met with a career counselor who encouraged her to achieve her professional goals. With the support of the IRC, Maryna was motivated to pursue her dream of becoming a tram driver.

Maryna told IRC: “Since we were forced to leave our home in Ukraine last year, it has been difficult to adjust to life in a new country, especially for my daughter Daria and my 10-year-old son. I am so grateful to Harry Styles and IRC, who supported me to pursue my dream career in Poland, for giving us the chance to forget our worries for one night and sing and dance at the concert.”

Maryna, Daria and Daria Kathina are among the nearly six million Ukrainians forced to leave their homes and seek safety in another country. In February 2022, the IRC launched an emergency response to the war in Ukraine, working directly and with local partners to reach those most in need. Since February 2022, the IRC has been working to support more than 94,000 Ukrainian refugees in Poland, as well as thousands of refugees in Europe, the UK and the US. providing a variety of education and protection services, including employment services and safe spaces for women and children.

“As It Was” singer “Love on the Tour” concertYes started in 2021 and will end on July 22 in Italy.

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