Hayley Kiyoko Brings Drag Queens to Nashville Concert


As part of his nationwide tour of the United States, hayley kiyoko He performed in Nashville on May 1 and joined the transvestites in a defiance. state’s evolving legislation against drag performances. Although the law is currently blocked in federal court, Kiyoko said an “undercover cop” advised her to keep drag queens away from the scene.

The “Girls Like Girls” singer shared on social media that she had the idea to bring out two drag artists – Ivy St James and LiberTea – after seeing a drag show in town. She said the decision caused “an emotional roller coaster to say the least.”

Captioning a series of tearful videos and concert footage, Kiyoko wrote that she was “informed by local law enforcement that performing drag at my all-age show could result in legal action.” He told his followers that a “secret policeman” at sound control warned him not to bring in any drag artists, and that he was “torn as you can see in the videos I recorded, reacting in real time to the situation before the show even started.”

“I never want to put anyone in a position to risk or endanger anyone in any way,” he wrote. “But also where is the line of silencing? How do we address these ridiculous threats and laws against our community? I take pride in making sure my concerts are safe places for everyone. How can I do that if we’re not allowed to be ourselves, especially at a predominantly queer concert? We deserve to have a safe space to be ourselves as we navigate the evil that threatens our very existence.”

As seen in the last few slides of her post, Kiyoko took the queens on stage and used this opportunity to defend the community. In the last paragraph of his caption, he wrote “We will not be silenced”. “No matter what happens, we will find ways to remain our authentic selves. We will not give up. No matter how hard they do. I love you all.”

In February, Governor of Tennessee. Bill Lee has signed into law a bill that classifies drag performances as a misdemeanor that could result in costly fines and jail time. Shortly before it went into effect in April, a federal judge blocked the bill.

Kyioko joins a long list of musicians who use their stage time to fight against restrictive laws. Kelsea Ballerin rocked the country music world with her yield At the Country Music Awards, as the four “RuPaul’s Drag Race” queens participate while singing “If You Go Down (I’m Goin’ Down Too)”.

Miranda Lambert also joined the conversation recently after writing and recording the theme song for “Queer Eye.”

On HBO Max and CNN, he asked host Chris Wallace, “Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace?”

“My job is to write and sing songs about who I am, what I believe in, to write all of our stories and that’s part of the story and in my own life with my brother and husband, Marc,” she continued. “So if you talk about music and love the rest, I feel like you know it’s just noise.”

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