How ‘Euphoria Composer Inspired ‘Algeria, America’ Music


Hulu’s football documentary series “Algiers, America” ​​reaches an emotional and musical climax in its fifth and final episode. As Edna Karr High School students approach graduation, one of their classmates, Keyron Ross, is killed by gunfire.

The series profiles the New Orleans high school football team while simultaneously looking at the reality of gun violence that has caused players to lose both family members and teammates. Composer for the show’s score Chad Canon woven by a whirlwind of sound and emotion, labyrinth‘s “Euphoria” soundtrack inspires in the way it combines gospel, orchestral and electronic music. The importance of music in the series was especially emphasized at Ross’ funeral.

“Keyron Ross’ funeral scene is truly heartbreaking. It’s time [assistant coach] Cannon delivers a powerful performance of “Just a Closer Walk With Thee,” which is often performed at “jazz funerals” in New Orleans,” says Cannon. It’s a small and very sad feeling.”

Cannon also penned an unforgettable synth piece called “#Forever48”, inspired by Ross’s jersey number, inspired by Labrinth’s voice, with a soft chorus behind it. The song plays during the graduation scene as Ross’ teammates contemplate his influence as a team player. “#Forever48” was another moment that showed the loss and sadness of the community after Ross’ death.

“You can probably hear best here how my melodic writing is framed by hip-hop beats and a gospel chorus,” Cannon says. “I loved the improvised vocal solos performed by the NOLA choir.” He continues, “At the same time, Dr. It paves the way for an incredible, inspiring talk by Ashonta Wyatt (a local activist who fights against all violence).

Cannon has used banjo, viola and keys elsewhere, and this can be heard on the track “Katrina PTSD ~ Back to School” in the third episode of the show. “At first I wanted a really dark, almost Medieval tone, then it got a little sultry in a bluegrass-y style with a melodic banjo,” Cannon says.

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