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Synonymous with emotional lyricism and genre-changing soundscapes, Indigo De Souza is back with her latest album, You Can Be Mean. snatched from his impending record, All This Will End (released later this month) and “Younger & Dumber” and “Smog”, “You Can Be Mean” finds itself in infectious pop-rock and relentless instrumentation.

The empowering fiction follows a narrative that exposes De Souza’s encounter with a Los Angeles model scumbag whose toxicity and manipulative attitude force the singer to reevaluate the decisions in her life and instead love herself and protect her soul from seeking validation from “asses.”

Speaking on the track, De Souza says: “…I have a history of putting myself in toxic situations and longing for validation from people who mistreated me. I was stuck in the delusion that I could help abusive people through their trauma and teach them to love me the way I deserved”. “I wrote this song when I finally realized that I could choose not to let harmful behaviors enter my life and that protecting the body and soul is of deep, profound importance,” she continues.

De Souza even tries to justify his actions by saying, “I’d like to think you had a good heart / And your father was just a growing scumbag,” then really a Good the person would “try to be better than he is”.

Overflowing with buzzing percussion, soaring guitars and De Souza’s essential bold vocals, “You Can Be Mean” is a triumph.

Worlds away from the wildly hit song “Take Off Your Pants”, you can sums up De Souza’s new side perfectly – resounding vocals and heartfelt and honest approaches full of emotion.

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