Jack Harlow Establishes a Foundation for the Benefit of the Louisville Hometown


Any serious fan of rapper-actor Jack Harlow knows that he’s very proud of his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky—not only is he mentioned in many of his songs, he’s also made large donations to local organizations (including AMPED, Center for Women, and Center for Women). Families, Grace James Academy, Louisville Urban League, and Metro United Way) and even played a special last year. Concert and live broadcast sponsored by American Express in Brooklyn where fans are served food made by a few of their favorite restaurants in their hometown, it’s a creative way to use a corporate sponsor to benefit fans and their hometown businesses.

He continues to bring it home today by announcing the official launch of the Jack Harlow Foundation, which “will serve as the Louisville, KY native’s primary philanthropic vehicle to reinvest, heal, and support organizations that aim to make the city that grew it a better place.” according to the announcement. HEAD For more information about the foundation here.

“With everything I have done and will do throughout my career, home is where my heart is, my refuge, and where I have shaped me,” Harlow says in the announcement. “Giving back to Louisville represents my dream of making a difference. My vision is to make Louisville a better place. I know this is just the beginning of my philanthropic legacy and I look forward to transforming our community and ultimately the success and happiness of its citizens.”

In connection with today’s launch, the foundation is announcing gifts to four Kentucky-based organizations:

“The launch of my foundation is represented by gifts to four organizations that I believe are doing the job of making Louisville a better place; “Helping under-resourced families remove barriers to higher education, fostering a new start in a neighborhood lacking investment, providing hands-on assistance to the poorest of the poor, and making safe housing affordable for families,” Harlow said.

Today, Harlow will be honored with a “Hometown Heroes” banner at a ceremony in Louisville. The banner, which was hung and displayed over the weekend, was presented to the locals of Louisville, who use their national and international platforms to share the pride of Louisville and continue to give back to the city and make a difference.

Last week, Harlow celebrated the release of his third studio album, “Jackman,” by visiting several of the JCPS schools in Louisville, including his graduation from Atherton High. On the cover of the album, Harlow stands in front of an alley in his old neighborhood.

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