Jake Gyllanhaal Wants to Act on Fiddler on the Roof on Broadway

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Jake Gyllenhaal determined to act in another Broadway musical.

“There are so many musicals that I love,” said Gyllenhaal, who starred in the animated film. “Sunday in the Park with George” with Annaleigh Ashford told in 2017 Variation Monday night at the Los Angeles premiere of the new action drama “The Covenant.” “At one point, I always loved it”violinist on the roof.’ I would love to do that.”

Gyllenhaal’s godmother, Jamie Lee Curtis, was at the “The Covenant” premiere and remembered that the actor was supposed to play the role of Tevye in a school production “Fiddler” when he was a high school senior. She left the show when she was offered the lead role in the 1999 drama “October Sky”.

“I knew at the time how determined he was to be an actor because most people wouldn’t give up their high school place for a little indie movie. Most people would say, ‘No, I’m going to be in a high school musical,'” said Curtis. “I knew then that it was a dedication to the arts that was different from being super talented and getting a lot of attention.”

In “The Covenant,” directed and co-written by Guy Ritchie, Gyllenhaal plays an Army sergeant during the war in Afghanistan. After being wounded, he returns to the area to help his unit’s translator (Dar Salim) escape the Taliban to the United States.

In a brutal sequence, Gyllenhaal’s injured character is taken to safety in dangerous desert terrain by the interpreter.

“The guy gave me a 60-page screenplay but never told me he was going to shoot that episode at the end of each day – I’m dragged along by fake blood, stones, and almost water and dirt being thrown in my face. An hour and a half every day,” Gyllenhaal recalls. “We’d get me in the car, turn it upside down, and Dar would push and pull me up and down hills.”

Even when Ritchie suggested a stuntman to do the job, Salim insisted on doing all the pushing and pulling on his own.

“I was determined,” Salim said. “I said, ‘No, let me do it’. Some of the best push-ups were when a stuntman had to do it but I did it… I wouldn’t miss the chance to do the physical stuff myself.”

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