Jenni Rivera’s Son Prepares Posthumous Album ‘Mission Accomplished’


Release of “Mission Accomplished,” an album of unreleased material sung by the deceased Jenni Rivera, has been deeply anticipated since it was first announced last year. After all, a Long Beach native is also affectionately “” Group Diva” (The Diva of Banda) was on her way to becoming a world star when she died in a plane crash in 2012, and her millions of fans mourned in the years that followed.

This anticipation was heightened when the album was delayed for months after its original release date. While the Rivera mansion, now led by Jacqie Marin Rivera, the daughter of the late Mexican-American singer, has apologized for the delays, she says, “if we didn’t feel 100% there was no way we could air it.” Johnny – Jenni’s 22-year-old son and executive producer of the project.

Although there were no guidelines on how the music would be released after her death, the family was strict in determining their own music, and all of Jenni’s children – Latin Grammy winner Chiquis, Mikey, Jacqie, Jenicka, and Johnny – are confirmed to be behind the project. Jenni’s longtime favorites Pavel Ocampo and Sergio Lizárraga of Banda MS also produced 16 tracks of unreleased demos Jenni recorded before her death. Former musicians and vocalists also participated in unfinished arrangements, and all three daughters filled the heartwarming single “Pedacitio De Mi”.

“Little part of me / What happened is not your fault,” the sisters sing in the song, accompanied by a recording of Jenni. “I live for you, you are my blood / I am your mother / I am here.”

Before the brothers took control of Jenni’s mansion last year, the previous owners had announced their intention to release some of her pristine demos, “but I hadn’t heard of any of them. [the music] and my guess is that singles want to do it,” says Johnny Variation. “I did not participate in it. My mother loved to make albums. He was old-fashioned and had bold ideas to which he adhered. In that sense it reminds me of a lot of Prince… what he did always had a method, there was a bigger message in all his work and there was enough material there for us to honor that. It didn’t feel like we were working with leftovers – so every song we found had a meaning, I felt like every song had a side of it. The way I see it, we were just a bridge in all this… this project feels like it was led by him.

Johnny found the first arrangements of what we heard on “Mission” on one of Jenni’s old iPods, where he’s also kept some of his top hits: Ice Cube’s “It Was a Good Day” and Jay’s “Song Cry” among his range. there is. -Z and “The Reason (Acoustic)” by Hoobastank. Sharing some of these findings with Jenni’s loyal online fanbase, she created a playlist titled “”.Jenni’s iPod”, but he kept the existence of his personal records to himself.

“I didn’t even know if he was doing it properly. [recorded] those trunks… I wasn’t 100% sure how to find the recordings, but I rummaged through their old computer until I found it – and it was like a breath of fresh air,” says Johnny. “I didn’t even talk about it, but last December, Spotify released ‘Wrapped’ and one of their top-streamed artists was my mom. And I can tell she’s been working on it and she was really into her music.”

They have sworn to honor Jenni’s cultural roots and conceptual style: the fierce, honest, and blood-boiling banda music that has made her one of the world’s few leading ladies. Mexican music. On the album, Jenni’s sharp and operatic vocals shine through simplified covers of ranchera classics, updated material, and new singles.

It took a long time to piece together new tracks like the title song from long and incomplete recordings, and the band refused to do it on the album as Jenni was not a fan of digitally altering her voice. You can hear her burst into tears in “Aparentemente Bien,” a song about looking good but hiding deep pain in the shade. Other emotions are less obvious, as in “Hablando Claro,” a dedication to her mother, a tradition from Jenni’s previous recordings.

“Motivos” refers to his turbulent and passionate relationship with “the love of his life he couldn’t be with,” Johnny says. “Unfortunately, she was battling drug addiction and had to let it go even though I knew she really wanted to be with him. Track number 8 because the number represents love and eternity. This arrangement makes me cry every time.”

The family is confident that Jenni would have released a variation of “Misión” on her own terms if she were still here.

“This was the first music project I’ve worked on and my goal was to bring in artist Jenni,” Johnny concludes. “During this process, I got to know many new sides of him. Of course it was hard,” he paused. “But sitting at the album listening parties and hearing everyone’s reaction… it’s an energy you feel. I know we made him proud.”

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