Jimmie Allen Apologizes To His Wife For ‘Affair’ After Rape Accusations

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Jimmy Allen He addressed his soon-to-be-divorced wife in an Instagram post Thursday afternoon and publicly apologized to him for what he continues to describe as a consensual “relationship” and for what a woman who was one of his former directors alleges in a lawsuit. sexual assault and rape.

Allen shared, “I want to publicly apologize to my wife, Alexis, for humiliating her with my relationship. (Allen’s wife is pregnant with his third child, and he has a child from a previous relationship.)

The country star neither indicts nor indicts the seriousness of the allegations against him. A research paper published by Variation. He uses his most recent statement to describe his relationship with the aforementioned Jane Doe as “the victim of my weaknesses” as “seductions” that he “can’t stand”. He also claims that “this job” has put him in the position of succumbing to weakness.

“This job takes a lot out of you,” Allen wrote. “It’s full of temptations that can cripple you and destroy everything you’ve built. I am ashamed that I am not strong enough to resist them. I will no longer be a victim of my weaknesses.”

As a result, Allen said, “I invite everyone to ask for help when they need it. Do not be afraid of your weakness, surround yourself with people who will help you. Be Blessed.” He signed the message with the praying hand emoji and clenched fist.

This was Allen’s first major press release since he issued a statement to the United States. Variation Just before Jane Doe’s case went public, she said: “I admit we had a sexual relationship – one that lasted about two years. During this time, he never once accused me of anything wrong and said that our relationship and friendship is something he wants to continue forever. But after things were over between us, he hired a lawyer to reach out and ask for money, which makes me question his motives…”

In response to this statement, Jane Doe’s lawyers denied asking for money from Allen’s camp before filing the lawsuit.

In a vague statement earlier this week, Allen posted messages with religious overtones on his Instagram Story on Wednesday. “We’ll Be Fine. This Too Will Pass,” Allen wrote, and then, over a screenshot of a Christian band’s song For King & Country, “God only knows … He knows!”

(The phrase “We Gonna Be Alright” is a reference to her new single, “Be Alright”. It dropped to #59 in its third chart week on Billboard’s Country Airplay after hitting #57 last week.)

Allen has had backlash from those who have worked with him recently. He was removed from record label BBR, agency UTA, and current management company The Familie. Promotional firm Full Coverage Communications ended its business with the star. And the Country Music Association took it off the bill for the upcoming CMA Music Festival. Allen’s website no longer lists any tour dates, but Ticketmaster still sells tickets for a handful of upcoming Allen shows, with others marked as cancelled.

Allen was sued for sexual assault, assault, wrongful imprisonment, sex trafficking, and emotional distress in a civil suit filed May 11 in the United States District Court of Tennessee against former executive producer Ash Bowers and Wide Open Music. Bowers and Wide Open Music were also sued for gross negligence and involvement in a sex trafficking enterprise, among other crimes.

Jane Doe was a young woman who had recently graduated magna cum laude from Vanderbilt University, taking a short break at UTA’s Nashville office when Allen’s then-management went to work for Wide Open Music, becoming the star’s daily manager. . Doe says she was fired in retaliation by Bowers after she brought to the attention of a manager a pattern of sexual assault she said had continued for a year and a half. Bowers says he was quit because the company quietly cut ties with Allen after discussing what had happened with the executive last fall, as he no longer had a role of his own.

Jane Doe alleges in her case that Allen raped her while strangling her, sexually assaulted her on her way to and from work events at a red light, and watched porn on her work computer. She also says she lost her virginity to the artist after she inexplicably passed out while they were together. Jane Doe said Variation that she said “no” and tried to push Allen away during many sexual interactions, and that after allegedly being forced into sex with Allen, she regularly bled, cried uncontrollably, and ran to the bathroom to throw up. Despite these signs, she says she cannot accept Allen’s physical and emotional pain.

According to the lawsuit, Allen videotaped multiple sexual encounters “to blackmail her into keeping quiet” while insisting that Jane Doe hand over her own phone and other electronics while they were together.

“I have to tell this story because there is no way I can allow my daughter to approach a situation like this,” the plaintiff said. Variation. “My life was turned upside down because of Jimmie Allen.”

Allen’s wife, Alexis, has mostly kept quiet since they jointly announced their upcoming divorce. Just before the lawsuit was filed, he urged them to be left alone by making a few statements: “Continue the chaos while I recover in peace” and “My Instagram is not a hotline, please stop” message me about any third party.”

On Thursday, though, screenshots surfaced reported It is a statement that Alexis posted on her Instagram, targeting both her husband and the accuser or accusers, which she then deleted. He wrote: “Imagine that you are such a messed up woman mentally and emotionally and you are following a man who is married, has 3 kids, and a pregnant wife. imagine. I can never.” “You can kiss my ass with the ‘separated wife’ narrative,” the statement said. I wish I was only talking about a woman.”

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