Jimmie Allen’s Company Suspends Him After Suspension for Alleged Sexual Assault

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UPDATE: Country star Jimmy Allentag, BBR Music GroupHe fired her on Thursday after a former manager sued him for allegedly sexually abusing her during the year and a half she worked with. investigation story Variation expands the woman’s claims.

“BBR Music Group has decided to immediately suspend all activities with him, in light of today’s allegations against Jimmie Allen,” the record label said in a statement.

Later on Thursday, Allen disappeared from the website of the CMA Fest in Nashville in June, confirmed by the Country Music Association. Variation that the organization removed Allen from the main stage line-up for Nissan Stadium.

Allen was also left as the keynote speaker for Delaware State University’s 2023 graduation tomorrow. A press release from the university said Allen, a Delaware native, had been replaced by congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester as the starting speaker.

The country music industry has been largely unprepared for the scandal, as many stars and senior executives are in the Dallas, Texas area for the Country Music Academy Awards, which kicks off at 7 p.m. ET/4 ET. Although Allen won the best new male artist award in 2021 and served as co-host with Dolly Parton last year, he was not cast as an actor for the show and was not up for any awards.

Being “suspended” from a company can be an obscure thing, as it came about at the height of Morgan Wallen’s racist nickname scandal, when he was described as being suspended from his company with no public disclosure about him. Radio is on good terms again with the company as they race to start playing it again three months later.

But in Allen’s case, it’s clear that BBR immediately dropped promotion of their new single, “Be Alright.” And if Allen stays with the company, he might not be in a rush to restart this promotion, as the song got off to a slow start on the radio, receiving a handful of plays on stations mostly during the nighttime hours of the radio’s first few weeks. promotion.

For the awards ceremony, with many from Allen’s record label in Texas, Variation He could not immediately reach anyone from BBR for comment beyond the disclosure.

Allen’s executives at California-based management firm Familie have so far not responded to requests for comment. Allen found representation at the firm a few months ago after being dropped as a client by former executive producer Ash Bowers.

There was also no statement from Allen’s agency, UTA.

Bowers’ name is mentioned in the lawsuit by “Jane Doe,” who claims she was fired by Wide Open Music after Allen brought her attention to the scale of his attacks on her. Bowers said in a statement. VariationHis earlier story was that his release wasn’t meant to be retaliatory, and that the firm no longer needed his role after he left Allen as a client and exited the management job. “[Jane Doe] Bowers was Mr. Allen’s day-to-day manager,” he says. “When Wide Open Music could no longer direct Mr. Allen, that role was gone and moreover, [the company] You’re completely out of artist management.”

In the lawsuit, Jane Doe alleges that Allen raped her and repeatedly subjected her to sexual harassment and abuse over an 18-month period while working as Allen’s day-to-day manager at the management company.

in a statement VariationAllen claimed to have had a consensual sexual relationship with Jane Doe.

“It’s extremely disturbing and hurtful when someone I count as one of my closest friends, colleagues and confidants makes claims about themselves that have no truth to it,” Allen said. “I admit that we had a sexual relationship that lasted about two years. During this time, he never once accused me of anything wrong and said that our relationship and friendship is something he wants to continue forever. But after things were over between us, he hired a lawyer to reach out and ask for money, which makes me question his motives. The simple truth is that their accusations are not only false, but extremely damaging. I’ve worked incredibly hard to build my career, and I intend to make a strong defense of his claims and take any other legal action necessary to protect my reputation.”

In a civil suit filed Thursday against Allen, Bowers and Wide Open Music in United States District Court for the Tennessee, Allen is being sued for sexual assault, assault, wrongful imprisonment, sex trafficking and emotional distress; Bowers and Wide Open Music are being sued for gross negligence and involvement in a sex trafficking enterprise, among other crimes. Jane Doe is represented by attorney Elizabeth Fegan, co-founder of the Chicago-based firm FeganScott, who previously represented Harvey Weinstein in the USC gynecology scandal and the women accused of harassing female students. Jane Doe seeks a jury trial and seeks undisclosed monetary damages.

To read Variation‘s original story about the lawsuit and what led to the lawsuit Here.

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