Jon Batiste’s Travel Essentials Includes Wired Headphones and his beloved ‘Harmony Board’


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From sound engineers and screenwriters to famous make-up artists and stylists, Variety’s “Ask an Insider” asks top professionals in the entertainment industry to share their must-haves for work and play. In this setup, Jon BatisteThe musician, songwriter, composer and television personality shares the products he always brings with him as he travels the world.

Jon Batiste’s projects are so varied and wide-ranging that different people tend to know him from the different worlds he invades – whether as a bandleader at a televised “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” concert. held it seven years ago Announcing that he left last year; As a world-class jazz musician and composer at the 2022 Grammy Awards received five trophies (and 11 candidates); even on the big screen later this year A role she’ll soon have in Oprah Winfrey and Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of “The Color Purple.”

However, it remains the music center in all of Batiste’s different projects. He was most recently nominated as lead artist for the second season of Coke Studio, where he will bring together 19 groundbreaking artists for musical collaborations over the summer. In June, Camilo released “Be Who You Are,” starring JID and Cat Burns.

“During this album making process, the vision for the album was this ‘eclectic world music’ concept, and the phone rang and suddenly Coke said, ‘We want you to do this brand campaign and we want it to be like that.’ “The eclectic world music vibe” was already very much in line with what we were working on,” says Batiste. Variation During a Zoom call in Switzerland. “The song became so organically the engine of the campaign, it was so random that I was already in that void when I started working on it. It was already a thread in the tapestry of the album I was working on.

Discovering and collaborating with artists around the world, Batiste is often away from his home base in Brooklyn, NY. She performed at England’s legendary Glastonbury Festival last month for Emmanuel Macron on the Champs-Elysee and with Billy Eilish and Lenny Kravitz at the Eiffel Tower she.

“I get around quite a lot,” Batiste says.

Below, check out five of the non-negotiable travel essentials that Batiste always brings on the go:

Marshall Emberton II Portable Speaker

“I really like Marshall portable speakers. That’s great. And you can get it in different sizes. I really like that. I’ve been using it for many years. It’s shaped like an amplifier and I think it’s pretty cool if you’re into that aesthetic.”

Marshall Emberton II Portable Bluetooth Speaker – Black and Brass $168.99 Buy Now on Amazon

nintendo switch

“You only need to take the Nintendo Switch and carry it with you in your suitcase. You can install tons of different games so you don’t have to choose one. You can also connect it to a TV via HDMI. So if you’re traveling and want to see it on the big screen, the Switch becomes the remote and the TV becomes your monitor. And now you have a huge arcade in your room.”

Nintendo Switch™ with Neon Blue and Neon Red Joy-Con™ $292.90 Buy Now on Amazon

melody keyboard

“Those who have followed me since my early days know that I have to recommend ‘Harmoniboard’. This is my thing. A melodica is a harmonica and the keyboard is put together and you blow into it. Actually, I’m playing on the single we released from the album yesterday. ‘Tell me your name’ and if you don’t recognize it, it’s that instrument you hear, that’s it.

When I first met him, maybe I was in middle school or something. My dad was on tour in Japan and I think he brought one back because I think it was used in music education in primary schools in Japan at some point. My Uncle David, who was also a keyboard player, also played. So it was just in the family. Then I started playing and never came back.”

CAHAYA Melodica 32 Keys Double Tube Mouthpiece Air Piano Keyboard Musical Instrument $28.99 Buy Now on Amazon

Apple Wired Headphones (41% Discount)

“This won’t be high tech but I just use Apple’s wired headphones. I don’t. airpods. I don’t like Airpods because you lose them and they are very, very easy to connect to other people’s phones and you have to charge them in a certain way. It’s just too cumbersome. I think wired headphones aren’t the best sound quality for you audiophiles, but I’m really interested in wired headphones. In fact, I think it’s the most durable and user-friendly way to listen to music if you don’t mind compressed audio.”

Apple EarPods Headphones with Lightning Connect $29.00 $16.99 Buy Now on Amazon

Burt’s Bees Spanking

“There are a few things I always carry with me when traveling, but none are more important or necessary than using a piece of lipstick. Absolutely necessary. I play the melody, I sing, the plans are dry. There is something about having dry lips while traveling – it just doesn’t happen for me. It’s a pet craze for me.

I use Burt’s Bees and chaptick.

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