Jon Batiste’s ‘World Music Radio’ Will Include Lana Del Rey and Lil Wayne


The 2024 Grammy race may have just gotten another jolt. Jon BatisteMarking the 2022 awards with her debut album “We Are”, she announced her sequel “World Music Radio”, which will be released on Verve/Interscope on August 18.

Among the guests of the album king woolresponded to Batiste’s kindness on two tracks on “Did You Know There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd,” which he recently released earlier this year. Their collaboration, “Life Lesson,” was listed as a bonus track completing the 21-song release, but will likely be the most anticipated track even though it’s billed.

Other guests include: Lil Wayne In “Uneasy” Kenny G in “Clair De Lune”, Native Soul in “Raindance”, Leigh-Anne in “Running Away”, Jon Bellion and Fireboy in DML “Drink Water”, Rita Payés in “My In Heart” on “Movement 18′” in Heroes and Michael Batiste on “Call Now (504-305-8269)”.

On Wednesday morning, Batiste also released the album’s first single, “Calling Your Name”. This may not represent the ultimate big game of the year for the prize record, as it runs in the blink of an eye and you’ll miss a minute and 57 seconds.

“I created this album with a sense of freedom in my life and a sense of exploring my personality, my craft, and the world around me in a way I’ve never felt before,” Batiste said in a statement accompanying the release news.

One of the songs, “Be Who You Are”, was released this month as part of a Coke promotion.

In keeping with his interest in Crossover, the Interscope imprint is a new name for Batiste because his latest album is exclusively attributed to the Verve label, which has traditionally focused on jazz and singer-songwriters.

Stephen Colbert’s former television bandleader Batiste shocked Grammy forecasters when his album “We Are” garnered 14 nominations in seven categories in 2021 and won five trophies, including the record for the following year. These awards come on top of the best original music Oscar, which Pixar collected in 2020 for his work on “Soul” alongside Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross.

“World Music Radio” is being released on the webshop as a double LP with a signed green record, among other formats.

Full parts list:

Parts list:

1. Hello Billy Bob

2. Rain Dance (ft. Native Soul)

3. Be Who You Are (ft. JID, NewJeans, Camilo)

4. Worship

5. My Heart (ft. Rita Payes)

6. Drinking Water (ft. Jon Bellion, Fireboy DML)

7. Calling Your Name

8. Clair De Lune (ft. Kenny G)

9. Butterfly

10. 17pearl ward start

11. The Restless (ft. Lil Wayne)

12. CALL NOW (504-305-8269) (ft. Michael Batiste)

13. Chassis


15. MOVE 18′ (Heroes)

16. Main Power

17. Escape (ft. Leigh-Anne)

18. Goodbye Billy Bob

19. White Space

20. Wherever You Are

21. (Bonus track) Life Lesson (ft. Lana Del Rey)

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